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BirdDog: The Most Versatile, Life Safety Inspection Software on the Market Today

Streamline inspections. Save time & money. Improve safety.

Welcome to USA-based Asurio, Inc. – developers of BirdDog Life Safety Inspection Software. BirdDog is one of the most powerful, configurable, cloud-based inspection & data collection systems on the market today. BirdDog automates and streamlines inspections and data collection, as well as the management, sharing & reporting of inspection data.

Why Birddog Mobile Inspection Software?

Streamlined Inspections

Improved Compliance

Improved Safety

Save Time & Money

Asurio, Inc. is a Co-Sell Ready Microsoft Partner & uses the Azure platform for the BirdDog Inspection System.

Birddog Customers Speak Out

Our customers love Birddog. Learn Why!

Using the BirdDog program is already increasing efficiency and improving customer communication and satisfaction. Our customers have eagerly embraced the clarity and portability of the new inspection reports and, thus, we are performing more repair and deficiency jobs. This helps our bottom line, and more importantly the BirdDog program is helping our customers maintain full compliance for their fire protection systems.”


“We’ve seen a sizable increase in repair work due to the deficiency reports, which always include digital photos . . . we have had an increase of about 30% in repair quote requests. We are more efficient with our time. because the software keeps us on track.”


“We are amazed at what we now can do that wasn’t possible beforeIt’s done miracles for us. The techs love it. They’d beat me if I tried to take it away from them. They’re flying through inspections.”



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