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How BirdDog Fire Inspection Software from Asurio Is Transforming Fire-Life Safety

The world of fire-life safety has gone through immense changes in recent years, with many of those positive changes coming from Fire Inspection Software like the BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System.

As inspection software has evolved, it offers fire safety contractors and facility managers alike the opportunity to improve operations. Here’s a quick look at how inspection software is transforming the fire-life safety world.

What Is Fire Inspection Software?

Fire inspection software is technology that helps fire safety contractors & in-house facility management departments streamline the gathering and reporting of inspection results, identifying fire safety deficiencies, and orchestrating the resolution of deficiencies found in inspections.

How Inspection Software is Transforming the Fire-Life Safety Industry

Here are highlights of the top 4 benefits of deploying inspection software:

  • Improved Safety – When inspection software is deployed, it speeds and streamlines the process of identifying and resolving deficiencies (painted or broken sprinkler heads, fire pumps that are not working, and more). In finding and resolving deficiencies, let alone much faster, safety is vastly improved.
  • Improved Compliance – There are all sorts of obvious benefits that occur when inspection software helps improve compliance. The most obvious benefit of improved compliance is reduced liability and risk. When a fire protection system is neglected, costs can soar.
  • Time Savings – When fire-life safety contractors switch from paper-based inspection systems to fire inspection software, this one action can transform operations – both for fire-life safety contractors and for in-house facilities departments. Paper-based inspection systems take longer to administer for many reasons. Triplicate forms have to be separated and sent to various departments to log deficiencies. Someone has to try to decipher the field tech’s handwriting, which often leads to errors in logging inspection results. Fire inspection software allows techs to key in inspection data, take pictures to illustrate the problem, and upload the data to the office. Once the field inspection data has been uploaded, office staff can coordinate reporting to the building owner or manager, generate a quote to repair deficiencies, and schedule high-priority repair work faster.
  • Money Savings – When you save time, you save money. When you reduce risk, you save money.

The bottom line is that inspection software is transforming and improving fire-life safety on many levels. Interested in learning about Asurio’s BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection Software? Contact Us for a Demo.