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BirdDog Custom Inspection Forms FAQ | Asurio, Inc.

BirdDog Custom Inspection Forms FAQ

Check out this FAQ on custom inspection forms capabilities from Asurio, Inc., developers of the BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System. Asurio offers the most powerful, versatile mobile inspection system on the market today, coupled with a dedicated inspection forms & code department that can create custom inspection forms as needed.

Does Asurio offer custom inspection forms?

Yes. Asurio offers custom inspection forms orchestrated by our dedicated custom forms team.

Asurio has an offering called Custom Forms Creation where our team can take any form or document that our customers need to render and create this in the BirdDog software program. With this approach, users have a “dynamic template” with which to work and build the devices and systems into their new custom form and render the exact form as they need. Not only can Asurio create customized forms in the fire-life safety arena; we can create inspection forms for virtually anything that needs to be inspected. Examples of some of the types of custom inspection forms we have created include:

  • Fleet vehicle inspections
  • Inspection of government facilities
  • Electrical inspections
  • Coast Guard boat inspections
  • Environmental preparedness inspections
  • Utility manhole inspections

The point is: BirdDog has been engineered to provide massive and flexible inspection capabilities. The system can gather data for virtually any application that needs inspections.

What scenarios require a custom inspection form?

We at Asurio typically encounter 3 scenarios in which a custom inspection form is required:

  • An AHJ requires a specific custom inspection form for their jurisdiction.
  • A BirdDog customer wants their own inspection report layout.
  • A BirdDog customer requires a unique inspection type or has a specific data gathering requirement.

Why is it important for an inspection software company to provide the capability of custom inspection forms?

It’s important to provide the option of custom inspection forms for a number of reasons.

  • First, there are many different local and regionally adopted inspection guidelines.
  • Second, BirdDog facilitates fire-life safety inspections in general. However, fire-life safety standards can vary from industry to industry. For example, a chemical plant might have specific fire-life safety mandates from insurance underwriters because of the chemicals being processed or used in processing that would never be needed for a general inspection of a commercial office building.

What are the benefits of custom inspection forms?

There are significant benefits that are achieved when an inspection software company offers custom inspection forms:

  • Ability to meet specialized fire-life safety inspection requirements by region
  • Ability to meet specialized fire-life safety inspection requirements by industry
  • Ability to provide customized inspection forms that can be parsed into customized inspection reports

What’s the process of coordinating a new custom inspection form with Asurio?

Asurio has a proven 4-step process and a dedicated team who can help create custom inspection forms.

Step 1: BirdDog customers bring their existing format or idea for a custom inspection form that they need for their business, a specific industry, or a specific customer to brainstorm & discuss with the Asurio Custom Forms Team.

Step 2: BirdDog customers provide a list of devices, and/or a list of specific questions & potential answers to the Asurio Custom Forms Team.

Step 3: The BirdDog Custom Inspection Forms Team creates an inspection form for the customer’s review.

Step 4: After obtaining feedback & making any needed revisions, the BirdDog custom forms team finalizes the new custom inspection form.

Not every BirdDog customer needs custom inspection forms. But when they do, the Asurio Custom Forms Team is there to help create custom inspection forms to meet the desired need.

Interested in learning more about the BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System, and our custom inspection forms capabilities? Contact Asurio for a briefing & demo.