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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software | BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System | Asurio

Asurio Is Introducing Powerful Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Module for the BirdDog Mobile Inspection System

When it comes to fire extinguisher inspection tracking, the ability to automate this process can make a huge difference in the operations of fire safety contractors and in-house facility management departments. When processes like fire extinguisher inspections, tracking, and management are automated, a whole host of benefits kick in, including:

  • More accurate fire extinguisher inspections
  • Reduced costs to perform fire extinguisher inspections
  • Streamlined fire extinguisher maintenance
  • Improved compliance with local, state & national regulations
  • Reduced risk & liability
  • Improved ability to verify and prove that fire extinguisher inspection activity took place
  • Improved customer peace of mind

This is why the Asurio team has been hard at work developing a new fire extinguisher inspection tracking module for the BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System. As a result, BirdDog’s new Extinguisher Tracker software module is making its debut this month.

Automated Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Helps Prevent Small Fires From Turning Into Big Fires

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software | BirdDog Inspection System | Asurio, IInc.It’s no secret that fire extinguishers are key to stopping fires in the early stages. A whopping 93% of all fire-related deaths and 95% of fire-related property damage occurs when a fire has advanced beyond the early stages, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

But what happens if a small fire starts and the nearest fire extinguisher has been moved from its designated position and is nowhere to be found? What happens if an employee grabs an extinguisher only to find that the fire extinguisher is empty or not working? While these scenarios seem rare, they happen more often than one might think, according to Asurio President Top Myers, who has served on the NFPA 25 committee since it was founded and who participates in code reviews for NFPA 10 and many other standards.

“I participate as a consultant on fire protection insurance claims,” explained Mr. Myers. “I’m reviewing a claim in process right now where a small fire started, and an employee grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and it was empty. While this scenario is more rare by the year, if it happens once, it’s one too many times,” he said.

Asurio’s New Extinguisher Tracker Software Takes Fire Extinguisher Inspections To a New Level

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking | BirdDog Inspection Software | Asurio, Inc.BirdDog’s new Extinguisher Tracker (fire extinguisher inspection tracking software) is designed to take the process of fire extinguisher inspection, tracking, and maintenance to a new level.

“When we embarked on the development of this new software module, we started from the premise of: “You have to do this fire extinguisher inspection work. So let’s make fire extinguisher inspection, tracking, and maintenance more efficient, faster, and easier while taking advantage of a database for asset tracking needs,” said Mr. Myers.

With that in mind, here are some highlights of Asurio’s new Extinguisher Tracker fire extinguisher inspection tracking software module:

Embedded Database of Fire Extinguishers: Extinguisher Tracker auto-populates the make, model & size of fire extinguishers once it’s been scanned by a bar code reader.

Massive Bar-code Scanner Compatibility: Extinguisher Tracker is compatible with 1D and 2D barcode scanners.

Universal Digital Tablet Support: BirdDog and the Extinguisher Tracker run on 3 digital tablet platforms: Apple, Android & Microsoft.

Powerful Report Generation Capabilities: Extinguisher Tracker allows for a wide variety of report generation including:

  • Standard NFPA-10 inspection report
  • Internal projection of future extinguishers hydro and maintenance
  • Deficiency report of extinguishers needing to be replaced or exchanged
  • Inventory status of all extinguishers in the system

Ability to Track Multiple Portable Items: Extinguisher Tracker has been designed as a powerful engine which can inspect, track & maintain multiple types of portable items, including fire extinguishers for starters, plus first aid kits, eye wash station supplies, and more!

Pricing for the New BirdDog Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software

For existing customers, the new BirdDog Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking software will be available as part of the BirdDog solution they’ve already purchased. The only cost existing customers would incur is to buy a new Fire Extinguisher Inspection Form (cost: $495).

For new BirdDog customers, the cost of this new Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software would include:

  • A monthly subscription based on the number of users and the desired inspection forms that are needed (sprinkler inspection forms, alarm inspection forms, and/or fire extinguisher inspection forms)
  • Initial set-up and configuration of the BirdDog system in the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • On-site and/or remote BirdDog user training (initially & when you add staff)
  • Data migration support
  • Integration with other software programs such as accounting, billing, or other business software systems

We at Asurio are excited to show you this brand new capability designed for NFPA 10 Inspections. Watch for a formal announcement in coming weeks, plus new content on our website – and we’ll be in touch to offer you a demo of this powerful new Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking software.