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Best Fire Safety Inspection Reports | BirdDog By Asurio | Digital Inspection System

BirdDog by Asurio: Offering the Best Fire Safety Inspection Reports

When it comes to mobile inspection & data collection systems, prospective buyers should be looking for the inspection system with the best fire safety inspection reports.

Simply put, fire safety inspection reports are where the rubber meets the road because that’s what customers, fire marshals, and joint commission inspectors review to determine a building’s or facility’s compliance. That’s also what an attorney and insurance adjuster would review in the event of litigation or and insurance claim.

8 Attributes of The Best Fire Safety Inspection Reports

There are a variety of factors the combine to make the best fire safety inspection reports. Here’s a short list of what inspection systems buyers should seek out:

  • Easy to read: This is such a simple requirement. But it’s amazing how many inspection reports generated from different digital inspection systems are hard to read. On a practical note, if this report is hard to read, all sorts of problems can manifest, including critical inspection deficiencies that don’t get addressed, results can be misinterpreted, and more. All this leads to liability, additional expense, and lost time.
  • Pass-Fail results should be crystal clear: The best fire safety inspection reports will clearly show pass-fail results, with particular emphasis on highlighting the “Fails” so deficiencies can be quickly noted & addressed. One item that helps identify quality fire safety inspection reports is color-coding, with common sense dictating that “Fail” should be highlighted with color so it’s easier to spot.
  • A deficiency report should be a report option: For contractors and facility managers alike, an inspection system worth its salt should offer the capability of a report that organizes and highlights deficiencies found in the inspection in one convenient document.
  • Photo insertion into reports is a MUST: When it comes to inspections, a picture truly is worth a 1,000 words. It’s great that many inspection systems offer the ability for inspectors to take pictures as part of the inspection. It’s even more important that those photos, particularly of deficiencies, can be included in the inspection report.
  • Field techs should be able to transmit the inspection to customers upon completion, while at the field location. On a practical note, there are times when a building owner or facility manager may have a fire marshal who wants to see inspection results ASAP. In those instances, it’s really important that a fire safety inspection report can be emailed to the customer from the field tech immediately upon completion of the inspection. This is why it’s critically important that an inspection system offers the capability of field techs who can complete and inspection, render a report, and email it to the customer – rather than waiting for the home office to do it.
  • Embedded NFPA code references: Both experienced & new field inspectors, fire marshals, owners & facility managers appreciate it when NFPA code references are embedded right in the inspection report.
  • Multiple document formats: While many folks prefer and use the PDF format, there are instances where it’s helpful to be able to render an inspection report as a Microsoft Word document or as an Excel file.
  • Specialty reports: In addition to offering standard NFPA inspection reports, a highly functional inspection system also should offer the ability to render specialty reports such as Deficiency reports and reports specifically for Joint Commission (health facility inspections).

Why BirdDog Inspection Software Offers the Best Fire Safety Inspection Reports in the Industry

When it comes to crisp, easy-to-read fire safety inspection reports, BirdDog by Asurio can’t be beat. Our field & customer representatives routinely tell us that customers rave about the quality of BirdDog’s inspection reports. Customers say they consider BirdDog reports to be the best fire safety inspection reports for the following reasons:

  • A clean, easy-to-read report format
  • Supporting photos that are embedded in the report to show and prove reported deficiencies
  • Embedded NFPA code references
  • The ability to brand the report with the contractor’s logo & brand
  • Ability to produce inspection reports as a PDF, Excel file, or MS-Word file
  • Ability for field techs to complete an inspection, generate a report, and immediately email it to the customer, right from the field location
  • Ability to produce standard inspection reports, along with Deficiency & Joint Commission reports for health care facilities.

Generating an Inspection Report in BirdDog is as Easy As 1, 2, 3, 4

BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection software makes it easy and fast to generate fire safety inspection reports.

Once the inspection is completed, a field tech can generate a report and send it to the customer while in the field, or when the inspection is completed, the data is available to the office staff to generate the inspection report as well.

To generate an inspection report in BirdDog software, techs or office staff simply open the inspection job and click on “Create Report.”

BirdDog then asks users to select a variety of report specifics:

  • Report File Format (PDF, Excel or MS-Word)
  • Report Type (sprinkler inspection, for example).
  • The length of time the link to the report should be available (day, week, month, quarter, or year)

Users then specify the email address to which the link should be sent, and click “Queue Report.”

Benefits of Quality Inspection Reports

  • Easy to read & review (Well-organized good-looking inspection reports makes everyone’s jobs easier, from fire marshals to property owners.)
  • Compliance (Far too often, contractors/inspectors add data in inspection reports that are not part of the code or guidelines of that type of inspection. When this occurs, it can make the inspection non-compliant as well as getting the contractor in legal hot water with additional liability for going outside the scope of the NFPA inspection.
  • Faster inspection results (BirdDog’s inspection reports can be generated and sent by techs in the field immediately upon completion of the inspection.)
  • Improved safety for facility occupants (Faster transmission of inspection reports = faster acknowledgment and action on inspection deficiencies.)
  • Improved profitability for contractors (Deficiency reports that are available immediately help contractors generate service work & keep that work from falling through the cracks.)
  • Minimized liability for contractors (Thoughtfully designed inspection reports also allow additional out-of-scope items to be reported without the contractor taking on liability.)
  • Improved productivity for building owners & contractors (Clear, crisp reports take less time to read & analyze.)

When researching fire safety inspection systems, it’s critically important to review the Report Generation capabilities & make sure they offer ease of use & sophisticated functions that save time & money, reduce risk & improve safety.

Looking for an inspection system with the best fire safety inspection reports? Contact Asurio for a demo of the BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection system