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Joint Commission Inspection Software | BirdDog Life Safety Inspection Software | Asurio, Inc.

BirdDog = Powerful Joint Commission Inspection Software

When it comes to keeping hospital & healthcare facilities safe for their workers and patients, and to remain in compliance, it’s critically important to deploy Joint Commission Inspection Software solutions like the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System.

The BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System is uniquely qualified to provide NFPA inspection questions, and then generate inspection reports tailored specifically to the needs of Joint Commission requirements & health care facility inspections.

BirdDog’s Joint Commission Inspection Capabilities Are A Cut Above the Rest

“BirdDog is leader in the clubhouse in matching up NFPA inspection data with the health care accreditation inspection requirements,” explained Jack Coffelt, Asurio’s general manager. “The BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System provides standard NFPA inspections for alarm, sprinkler & chemical fire suppression systems, and fire extinguisher inspection & maintenance. Once that information has been gathered during the normal inspection process, the BirdDog inspection system can generate a report that meets Joint Commission healthcare facility inspection requirements.”

Did You Know:

In 2020, the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System was used to inspect more than 1,200 hospitals & healthcare facilities in the United States.

 BirdDog Helps Protect Hospital Patients and Staff & Ensure Compliance Tied To Funding

Some people don’t know that Joint Commission, and other organizations like it, answer to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Joint Commission, HFAP, DNV and CIHQ are the four accreditation organizations with deeming authority from CMS regarding hospitals.

When hospitals & healthcare facilities don’t meet fire life safety standards mandated by CMS, it can put hospital workers & patients at risk. In addition, CMS can delay or not pay Medicare / Medicaid claims submitted by hospitals if they don’t pass fire life safety inspections and/or resolve deficiencies found during inspections.

“The CMS’s healthcare facility inspection program both saves lives & keeps hospitals financially healthy,” said Top Myers, Asurio president. “In the event of fire and smoke in a hospital or healthcare facility, a great majority of patients can’t be evacuated fast enough…so they have to be protected in place. That’s where Joint Commission inspection software solutions like BirdDog step in. Inspections are designed to ensure that all the fire protection systems are working in the event of fire and smoke. If a healthcare facility doesn’t pass its inspection, it endangers the people in those facilities and it endangers payment from CMS.”

BirdDog Life Safety Inspection Software Generates Joint Commission Inspection Reports That Prove Compliance

In May of 2016, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services adopted the 2012 Life Safety Code and references the NFPA 10-2010 for Fire Extinguishers, NFPA 25-2011 Sprinkler Testing, Inspection & Maintenance, NFPA 72-2010 Fire Alarm Systems, NFPA 80-2010 Fire Doors & Dampers, NFPA 96-2011 Cooking Hood Systems and NFPA 110-2010 Generators. So, when a hospital or healthcare facility is inspected, inspectors will use the regular NFPA Standard in the inspection forms/questions. However, what will differ for a Joint Commission inspection is the REPORT.

The BirdDog Inspection System can generate inspection reports that meet the unique reporting requirements of the CMS and the Joint Commission. BirdDog’s Joint Commission inspection reports are professional and easy to read. More important, they provide a deeper level of validation that a fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression system, or fire extinguishers are prepared to do their jobs in the event of a fire.

BirdDog Also Meets Joint Commission’s Deficiency Management Requirements

BirdDog’s Deficiency Management Module also helps meet the Joint Commission’s rigorous requirements on the identification & resolution of deficiencies found during hospital & healthcare facility inspections.

BirdDog’s Deficiency Management module documents:

  • Deficiency identification
  • The service quote
  • The completed work order

Another handy function in BirdDog is that the system saves inspection & deficiency resolution data for 10 years. Since contractors typically are required to keep inspection documentation for 10 years, the BirdDog Inspection System helps contractors & facility management departments meet this administrative requirement. How? BirdDog has the ability to date and time stamp every items that’s been inspected & reproduce this information for up to 10 years.

The Asurio Forms Team Stays Current With New Joint Commission Requirements

A big part of Asurio’s ability to make the BirdDog system a powerful Joint Commission Inspection Software solution is that we have a dedicated, full-time Inspection Forms Department. Our Forms team members stay on top of new Joint Commission requirements because they routinely attend Joint Commission classes to be briefed on new developments.

When you need a Joint Commission Inspection Software solution, the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System should be the first offering on your radar screen.

Interested in a BirdDog demo to see the system’s Joint Commission Inspection capabilities. Contact Asurio & schedule your demo today!