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How To Streamline Fire Extinguisher Maintenance | BirdDog Inspection System | Asurio Inc. USA

BirdDog’s Extinguisher Tracker Module Helps Streamline Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Most contractors & facility managers agree that they’d like to streamline fire extinguisher maintenance, along with the fire extinguisher inspection process. The BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System’s powerful Extinguisher Tracker module provides a solution to these wish list items.

Introduced in mid-2020, BirdDog’s Extinguisher Tracker module allows fire safety contractors and in-house facility management departments to streamline the process of inspecting, tracking & maintaining portable fire extinguishers in facilities they manage. Extinguisher Tracker was designed specifically to help manage fire extinguishers in commercial facilities where there are many fire extinguishers, such as office buildings, campus & university buildings, hospitals & medical facilities, and more.

Fire Extinguishers Are Key To Stopping Fires In the Early Stages

Asurio introduced Extinguisher Tracker to help contractors & facility managers help stop fires in the early stages. “The National Fire Protection Association reports that 93% of all fire-related deaths and 95 percent of property damage happen when a fire has gone beyond the early stages,” said Asurio President Top Myers. “However, for fire extinguishers to help provide that early-stage fire suppression, they must be in the correct location and they have to work. Asurio’s new fire extinguisher inspection software module helps ensure this.”

How Does BirdDog’s Extinguisher Tracker Help Streamline Fire Extinguisher Maintenance?

Here’s how BirdDog’s Extinguisher Tracker software module streamlines fire extinguisher maintenance:

  • Field inspectors use Android, Apple, or Microsoft tablets loaded with BirdDog software to log fire extinguisher inspection information.
  • Inspectors then use industry-standard bar code scanning devices to scan the bar code on individual fire extinguishers. Note: There’s no extra charge for bar code scanning with the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System.
  • Once the bar code is scanned, the BirdDog fire extinguisher inspection software database automatically provides the make & model of the fire extinguisher in a drop-down menu.
  • BirdDog Extinguisher Tracker inspection form asks field techs to answer the following questions including:
    • Is the fire extinguisher in the correct location?
    • Is the fire extinguisher full of fire retardant?
    • Is it time for the fire extinguisher to undergo routine maintenance?
    • Is it time for the fire extinguisher to be pulled out of service and/or replaced?
    • Does the fire extinguisher require service that’s under warranty?…and more.
  • Once the fire extinguisher inspection has been completed, inspectors upload the inspection data on their device to their company’s office.
  • Once the data has been uploaded to BirdDog’s Administrative Software, the BirdDog inspection system automatically can generate reports to prove compliance with local and national fire codes, as well as streamline the physical process of planning for fire extinguisher maintenance.

Benefits of the BirdDog Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software

BirdDog’s Extinguisher Tracker software module offers the following benefits for fire safety contractors and facility management departments:

  • More comprehensive & accurate fire extinguisher inspections
  • More efficient planning for fire extinguisher maintenance
  • Improved compliance with local & national regulations
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced risk

“A large part of an extinguisher inspection revolves around inventory management,” explained Chris Stamas, Fredriksen Fire Equipment Co., of Chicago, Ill.  “Contractors need to know what’s on-site before going there so they know what inventory should be loaded in the truck & what repairs need to be made. If you don’t have proper fire extinguisher inventory records, you’re flying blind, which wastes time, results in more trips to facilities, and impedes accurate scheduling of jobs. Extinguisher Tracker solves those efficiency issues,” he said.

“BirdDog’s Extinguisher Tracker facilitates improved accuracy of fire extinguisher inspections and provides the critical information needed to streamline fire extinguisher maintenance & replacement,” said Mr. Myers.

Need to improve the accuracy and efficiency of fire extinguisher inspection & maintenance? Contact Asurio for a DEMO of the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System, and its Extinguisher Tracker module.