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Inspection Software Buying Tips | BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System | Asurio Inc.

Life Safety Inspection Software Buying Tips

If you’re in the market for a life safety inspection system, these inspection software buying tips will help you procure the right inspection software to meet your needs.

Whether you’re a life safety contractor or an in-house facility management professional, inspection software is transformative technology. When you introduce life safety inspection software into your operations, a whole host of benefits ensue, including:

  • Streamlined inspections
  • More accurate inspections
  • Faster identification & resolution of deficiencies found in inspections
  • Improved compliance
  • Improved safety
  • Increased services revenue for contractors…and much more.

The Top 10 Inspection Software Buying Tips

Here are 10 buying tips when considering the purchase of life safety inspection software:

Tip 1: Choose a cloud-based system.

There’s no need to install & maintain software on your own hardware. Cloud-based inspection software means you access the software with a login and password. This means you don’t have to install, update, or maintain the software yourselves. Asurio does it for you.

Tip 2: Make cybersecurity a priority.

The BirdDog Inspection System is hosted on a secure Microsoft cloud platform, with extensive cybersecurity features built in. This protects you and your investment in a life safety inspection system like BirdDog.

Tip 3: Choose a flexible system that can be used in many ways.

Some inspection systems are engineered to only handle life safety inspections. The BirdDog Inspection System offers powerful inspection functions – and it also offers a platform for data collection for virtually any data you need to collect in the field.

Tip 4: Top-notch inspection forms are a must.

Inspection forms are a customer-facing representation of your company and your inspections. If inspection forms look professional, are easy to read, and are technically accurate, everyone wins: your company, the owner / property manager, fire marshals & more. The BirdDog Inspection System is known for the quality, professionalism & legibility of its forms & we have a dedicated form team that keeps Asurio’s inspection forms updated to the newest versions.

Tip 5: Extensive library of forms.

You may be conducting NFPA 25 inspections right now. But if you decide to branch into other inspection areas, it’s crucial that your inspection system can offer you a variety of inspection forms for different types of inspections. Asurio, Inc. has its own forms department, and we have developed more than 70 different inspection forms.

Tip 6: Ability to handle Healthcare facility inspections.

The healthcare industry growing by leaps and bounds, and there are unique inspection requirements for these facilities. Inspection software that can handle the reporting requirements for Joint Commission and DNV-GL inspections of hospitals & healthcare facilities that meet Center for Medicare Services-approved requirements.

Tip 7: Ability to conduct inspections online or offline.

When an inspection is working deep in the lower parts of a building, it can be difficult to get an internet connection. Make sure you purchase an inspection system that allows field inspectors to work online, or offline if they can’t get an internet connection.
Tip 8: Fast, easy report generation.

When you’ve got a fire marshal breathing down your neck, asking for inspection results ASAP, the ability to generate and send an inspection report right from the facility you just inspected makes life easier for everyone. The BirdDog Inspection System allows users to generate and send a report in the field, or send it back to the main office for report generation & transmission.

Tip 9: Multiple tablet support.

Some inspection software options run on one type of tablet. In contrast, the BirdDog Inspection Software field tech interface runs on Microsoft, Apple, or Android tablets.

Tip 10: Top-notch tech support.

BirdDog offers a user-friendly interface. But any time you’re deploying new software, there’s going to be a learning curve. These instances are when it’s crucial to have top-notch tech support with customer support representatives genuinely interested in helping you. Asurio offers a U.S.-based tech support team who are genuinely interested in helping you learn more about the use of the BirdDog Inspection System.

If these inspection software buying tips have piqued your interest, contact Asurio for a DEMO today!