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What Makes A Good Inspection Report? | BirdDog Life Safety Inspection Software | Asurio, Inc.

What Makes A Good Inspection Report?

When it comes to facility inspection reports, they are not created equal. There are big differences in the quality of inspection reports tied to inspection software. As a result, it’s important to know the details of what makes a good inspection report, and then compare that best practices list with what inspection software can provide.


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The Top 10 Attributes on What Makes A Good Inspection Report

When shopping for life safety inspection software or using existing life safety inspection software, it’s important to understand what makes a good inspection report – and then make sure the inspection software you’re considering can meet that criteria. With that in mind, here are the most important attributes of a good inspection report.

Ability to Easily Generate An Inspection Report

The first needed attribute is to be able to easily generate the inspection report. The best inspection software will facilitate that.

Inspection Reports That Are Easy To Read

The most functional facility inspection reports will be easy to read – with both language & formatting that clearly conveys inspection results. Far too many inspection reports present critically important information in a confusing way or with visually “busy” formatting.

Pass / Fail Results That Can Be Viewed At A Glance

While additional inspection details are important, the first attribute of a highly functional facility inspection report is to immediately be able to see Pass / Fail results, without a lot of work. The best inspection reports are designed & formatted so stakeholders reading the inspection report can see what elements of a life safety system passed, and what elements failed.

Ability To Embed Inspection Photos Into the Inspection Report

As inspectors complete their work, they often take digital photos to highlight or explain their findings – particularly when an inspection deficiency comes to light. When reports are filed, those digital photos provide critical insights into the nature of a problem, and the scope of a problem found during an inspection. The most functional inspection software offers the capability of automatically embedding photos taken during an inspection right into the inspection report.

Ability To Embed NFPA Code References Into the Inspection Report

Both experienced and novice inspectors benefit from having NFPA code references embedded in inspection forms – so they don’t have to research a specific NFPA code. It’s also helpful when those NFPA code references can be embedded into the inspection report. This provides powerful insights for fire marshals, property managers, and property owners.

Ability To Generate Multiple Types of Inspection Reports

The best inspection software needs to be versatile & flexible to meet the needs of multiple types of inspections. Truly viable inspection software needs to be able to easily generate inspection reports that adhere to NFPA standards, joint commission inspections of hospital & healthcare facilities, deficiency reports & more.

Capability of Generating & Emailing Inspection Reports From the Field

There are times when someone is chomping at the bit to see an inspection report as quickly as possible. Examples include a fire marshal who wants to see inspection results ASAP; a building owner making plans for life safety system upgrades, and more. In these circumstances, the ability to generate a report on-site after having just finished an inspection, and then email it to stakeholders is both handy and helpful.

Ability To Produce The Inspection Report In Multiple Formats

When you’re able to produce an inspection report in multiple formats, you can meet the needs of stakeholders who have differing document format standards. The most flexible inspection software will offer the ability to create inspection reports in multiple formats, including: a PDF, Excel documents, and Microsoft Word.

Ability to Brand Inspection Reports

When contractors distribute inspection reports to their customers or to fire marshals, a clean professional look is important. It’s also good for business to have an inspection report that can be properly branded with your company’s logo.

Ability to Create Custom Inspection Reports           

If there’s a time when you need a custom inspection report, it’s helpful to have the capability to quickly and easily create custom inspection reports.

Summary – What Makes A Good Inspection Report

When researching & deciding what inspection software to purchase, it’s imperative that the decision-making process should include a review of the quality and ease of creation of inspection reports. Be sure to research the inspection software’s report generation capabilities as the quality (or lack thereof) of inspection reports will reflect on your company.

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