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BirdDog Software = Faster Inspection Deficiency Repair Quotes

BirdDog Inspection Software Yields More Accurate, Faster Inspection Deficiency Repair Quotes

There are many reasons why delays in generating inspection deficiency repair quotes occur, with those delays compromising both safety & repair service revenue. The BirdDog Inspection System’s Deficiency Management module offers powerful functions that can mitigate this problem, and generate faster inspection deficiency repair quotes that are more accurate.

How Does BirdDog Generate Faster Inspection Deficiency Repair Quotes?

The BirdDog Inspection System’s Deficiency Management module provides a wide array of important functions that facilitate faster, more accurate deficiency repair quotes, including:

  • Efficient identification & documentation of deficiencies found during inspections
  • Easy-to-use deficiency reporting capabilities
  • Detailed information about needed repairs that helps generate an accurate repair quote faster

BirdDog’s deficiency reports help facilitate faster repair quote generation overall. In addition, BirdDog allows field inspectors to list logistical information that helps generate more accurate repair quotes, including:

  • Number of workers needed to complete the repair job
  • Special equipment that will be needed to complete the repair job (Example: a 12-foot ladder to reach the repair area, etc.)
  • Photos of the deficiency…and more.

Once the deficiency has been documented by the inspector – along with what’s needed for the repair process, a deficiency report can be quickly generated by the inspector or the administrative staff. This streamlined process, along with the extra information about staffing & equipment needed for the repair job, facilitates fast generation of a repair quote that’s more detailed, accurate & comprehensive. The faster that an accurate repair quote is generated and sent to a property owner or facility manager, the more likely it is that the deficiency will be repaired.

Once a deficiency has been repaired, BirdDog administrators can update the facility inspection report to note that the deficiency has been resolved.

For those using a paper-based inspection system, administrators at the main office often have trouble reading hand-written notes from inspectors. When this occurs, valuable time is lost when it’s necessary to contact the inspector, ask questions, and clarify handwritten notes. BirdDog’s ability to capture information needed to generate accurate deficiency repair quotes virtually eliminates the need to take extra time to obtain additional clarifying information from field inspectors.

For those already using facility inspection software, many inspection software solutions do not allow inspectors to input data on logistics needed to complete a deficiency repair job. In contrast, the BirdDog Inspection System allows field inspectors to document staffing and equipment needs for a deficiency repair, along with documenting the specific location of the deficiency within the facility.

All of these capabilities save time and help administrators generate more accurate deficiency repair quotes faster.

Faster Generation of More Accurate Deficiency Repair Quotes Brings Many Benefits

There are three main benefits of BirdDog’s ability to streamline the deficiency repair quote process including:

  • Improved safety (from faster resolution of deficiencies found in inspections)
  • Reduced risk & liability (If there’s a lawsuit, the documentation from deficiencies and deficiency resolution is worth its weight in gold. BirdDog’s capabilities allow contractors to prove they’ve told the owner about deficiencies and track when and if the deficiencies were corrected.)
  • Improved revenue (from achieving an increased volume of deficiency repair jobs)

It’s in everyone’s best interests to resolve inspection deficiencies, let alone resolve them in a timely manner. The BirdDog Inspection System helps create faster inspection deficiency repair quotes that are more accurate – which can save lives and property, while also creating a stronger revenue stream for fire life safety contractors.

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