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Fire Sprinkler Inspector Training Tool | BirdDog Inspection Software

BirdDog Inspection Software Features & Functions Facilitate Fire Sprinkler Inspector Training

The fire protection industry is facing a conundrum: the industry is growing but the inspection labor force is shrinking. As a result, recruitment and training efforts are key to maintaining a fire safety inspection workforce. This is where the BirdDog Inspection System can help. Because of an array of helpful features & functions, the BirdDog Inspection System serves as a potent fire sprinkler inspector training tool, along with training classes and mentoring.

In June of 2022, Market Growth Reports announced highlights of its Fire Protection System Testing and Inspection Market report. They announced the global fire protection system test and inspection market is expected to increase by 3% every year between 2022 and 2028.

The growth of the fire protection system inspection industry is fueling demand for more fire system inspectors. But, as the need for fire safety system inspectors is on the rise, it’s estimated that 29% of the skilled trades labor workforce will retire by 2026. A portion of that 29 % will be experienced fire protection system inspectors.

The shortage of skilled fire system inspectors has been recognized as an industry problem, with many associations & governmental entities introducing programs to encourage today’s young adults to enter the field. But that will take time, and the faster new inspectors are trained & mentored, the faster they can be brought online to help with the increased need for fire protection system inspections.

The BirdDog Inspection System Helps Bring New Fire Protection System Inspectors Up To Speed Faster

Industry training & apprenticeship programs form the backbone of getting more fire protection system inspectors trained. The BirdDog Inspection System can help streamline this process thanks to a variety of features & functions built into the software. Here are highlights of how the BirdDog Inspection System can help bring new inspectors up to speed faster:

Embedded Code References: The BirdDog Inspection System is one of the few inspection software systems that features embedded code references. This handy function is particularly helpful for less experienced fire protection system inspectors. As they progress through an inspection using the BirdDog system, new inspectors will learn and absorb information about various codes related to fire suppression systems, fire alarms, and more.

Auto Answer Function: The ability to answer inspection questions as quickly as possible plays a big factor in the time it takes to complete an inspection, as well as the accuracy of the inspection. Inspectors can speed the inspection process by answering “Pass” for all answers, and then changing individual answers to “Fail” when they find a deficiency.

Decision Tree Function: BirdDog offers 3 levels of automated questions. When an inspector indicates that a system component has failed the inspection, another level of questions will appear that offer options from a pull-down menu, to further clarify the deficiency that was found.

Easy Job Build: Inspection jobs can be developed through the administrative console by staff members back at the office. However, field techs can walk the building and add job items or devices using a pre-configured Inspection Profile for that particular type of inspection or add single job items by selecting from a drop-down menu within the software. This allows field inspectors to build an inspection job quickly and easily.

Job Clone Function: BirdDog has a copy tool called “Clone,” which makes it easy to duplicate existing devices already configured into the software. The Clone tool allows selected devices to be copied to easily add more devices into the inspection.

As fire safety contractors work to balance increased demand for fire protection system inspections with a labor shortage, the BirdDog Inspection System is a powerful tool to help bring new recruits up to speed faster. When this happens, everyone wins.

Want to learn more about BirdDog’s role as a fire sprinkler inspection training tool? Get in touch to schedule a DEMO.