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Customer Testimonials

Contractor raves about how BirdDog helps their business grow

We’ve seen a sizable increase in repair work due to the deficiency reports, which always include digital photos . . . we have had an increase of about 30% in repair quote requests. We are more efficient with our time. because the software keeps us on track.

BirdDog’s Tech Support handles my calls quickly and efficiently. I often recommend BirdDog to other companies because the product and service is excellent. BirdDog will play a significant role in our growth goals over the next couple of years.”
VP at a small Fire Alarm & Low Voltage Contractor

We switched to BirdDog from Another Inspections Product – best decision

We are amazed at what we now can do that wasn’t possible before. It’s done miracles for us. The techs love it. They’d beat me if I tried to take it away from them. They’re flying through inspections.”
Office Manager at a Mid-Market Sprinkler Contractor 

A Successful New Business Model with BirdDog

Our revenues up 30%. We lead with inspections to gain service business and that means remodeling and new installation work usually follow as well. We’re also picking up all Fire & Life Safety aspects at military branches. We insist our techs be clean, neat and professional so they blend right in, no tattoos or facial hair. We use a cookie cutter approach with standardized business practices on the BirdDog system, which is great because the reports are all clean and professional with standardized responses we created.”
The CFO of a multi-state full-service Fire & Life Safety Contractor

BirdDog is our Platform for Business Success

Using the BirdDog program is already increasing efficiency and improving customer communication and satisfaction. Our customers have eagerly embraced the clarity and portability of the new inspection reports and, thus, we are performing more repair and deficiency jobs. This helps our bottom line, and more importantly the BirdDog program is helping our customers maintain full compliance for their fire protection systems.”
The President of a market-leading East Coast Fire & Life Safety Contractor

Back Office productivity and customer satisfaction soar

Since inspection reports are stored automatically on a secure server and accessible to the entire office team, this decreases the use of paper by eliminating photocopying of reports. Plus, accessing an inspection report on the computer is much quicker than sorting through filing cabinets for paper files.

Another benefit for the office is improved component inventory updating and control readily available as needed to customers, fire marshals, and other local authorities.

Customers receive the reports immediately after completion of the inspection. So, in some cases we can be back at the job site handling repairs and addressing deficiencies within 24 hours, thus improving our customer service and ensuring compliance.

We’ve seen an increase in customer involvement. After the first rounds of e-mailed inspection reports went out, we all noticed a spike in feedback, questions and overall communication about the reports. Clearly, customers appreciate the opportunity to instantly review reports at their computers, thus we are performing more repair jobs.”
Excerpts from a newsletter of a full-service, market-leading Fire & Life Safety Contractor 

Extinguishers Success gains the Client’s Self-Inspect Business

Just wanted to let you know the progress we are making with BirdDog.  So far, all great feedback

 All the fire extinguisher inspections have been imported into BirdDog and both Bob and Maryann are using it and they both have positive feedback on how user friendly and easy it is to use out in the field . . . We are looking to input all safety equipment; fall protection, safety showers, ladders, emergency lights, etc. The customer is pleased and we got their self-inspections work.

 All the Industrial sites’ fire extinguisher inspections have been imported into BirdDog.  No problems with performing inspections…”
Inspections Manager at a full-service Fire & Life Safety Contractor