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BirdDog Extinguisher Tracker ℠

The BirdDog Extinguisher Tracker is fire extinguisher inspection software that streamlines the inspection, tracking & maintenance of portable fire extinguishers in commercial facilities.

This fire extinguisher inspection software module is designed for the needs of fire safety contractors and in-house facility management departments…with features & functions that address the challenges of NFPA 10 Fire Extinguisher Inspections.

Did You Know?

93% of all fire-related deaths and 95 percent of property damage happen when a fire has gone beyond the early stages.
(Source: National Fire Protection Association)

For fire extinguishers to help provide early-stage fire suppression,
they must be in the correct location and they have to be in good working order.

Extinguisher Tracker, Asurio’s fire extinguisher inspection software, helps ensure this.

How Does BirdDog’s Extinguisher Tracker Software Work?

5 Simple Steps

BirdDog’s Extinguisher Tracker software simplifies the process of inspecting, tracking, and maintaining fire extinguishers. Here’s how it works:

Field inspectors use Android, Apple, or Microsoft tablets loaded with BirdDog fire extinguisher inspection software to conduct fire extinguisher inspections.

BirdDog’s Extinguisher Tracker is compatible with 1D & 2D bar code scanners that are used to scan the bar code on individual fire extinguishers.

Once the bar code is scanned, Extinguisher Tracker will automatically load the manufacturer, model & size of the fire extinguisher from the Extinguisher Tracker fire extinguisher database, as well as lead field inspectors through a series of questions for the fire extinguisher inspection process.

The BirdDog fire extinguisher inspection module will ask field inspectors to log information such as:

      • Is the fire extinguisher in the correct location?
      • Is the fire extinguisher full of fire retardant?
      • Is it time for the fire extinguisher to undergo routine maintenance?
      • Is it time for the fire extinguisher to be pulled out of service and/or replaced?
      • Does the fire extinguisher require service that’s under warranty…and more.

Once the fire extinguisher inspection has been completed, inspectors upload the inspection data to their home office via the Internet.

Once the data has been uploaded to BirdDog’s Administrative Software, the BirdDog inspection system automatically can generate reports to prove compliance with local and national fire codes, as well as streamline the physical process of planning for fire extinguisher maintenance.

An Extinguisher Tracker Customer Speaks Out

“A large part of an extinguisher inspection revolves around inventory management. Contractors need to know what’s on-site before going there so they know what inventory should be loaded in the truck & what repairs need to be made. If you don’t have proper fire extinguisher inventory records, you’re flying blind, which wastes time, results in more trips to facilities, and impedes accurate scheduling of jobs. Extinguisher Tracker solves those efficiency issues.”
Chris Stamas, Fredriksen Fire Equipment Co. – Chicago, IL

Benefits of the BirdDog Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software

More accurate fire extinguisher inspections

More efficient fire extinguisher maintenance

Time savings

Improved productivity and/or revenue

Improved compliance with local & national regulations

Improved safety

Reduced risk & liability

Verify & prove inspection activity

Improved customer satisfaction & peace of mind

BirdDog Extinguisher Tracker Brings Game-changing Technology for Contractors & Facility Managers

BirdDog’s new fire extinguisher inspection software module offers the following helpful features & functions:

  • Integrated Administrative & Field Tech Platform: The inspection administration & field inspection software for fire extinguishers are integrated into one platform for easy data migration from the field to the office;
  • Support for Microsoft, Android & Apple: Field techs who are responsible for fire extinguisher inspections can use Apple, Android, or Microsoft tablets to record inspection results. BirdDog also can work in online or “off-line” mode on all 3 mobile platforms. This means that field inspectors working deep in the heart of a building where they can’t access a wireless internet connection can conduct their inspection, save the data, and upload the fire extinguisher inspection results once they can access a viable internet connection.
  • Powerful Report Generation Capabilities: BirdDog’s fire extinguisher inspection software allows for fast, easy report generation to provide to fire marshals, insurance representatives, Joint Commission representatives, and building owners and managers.
  • New, Enhanced NFPA 10-compliant Inspection Form: BirdDog offers the new NFPA-10-ET fire extinguisher inspection form that leads fire extinguisher inspectors through the inspection process.
  • Embedded Fire Extinguisher Database: BirdDog’s new fire extinguisher module has powerful asset tracking capabilities that “auto-populate” the manufacturer, make, and model of the fire extinguisher simply by scanning the fire extinguisher’s bar code.

BirdDog Fire Extinguisher Inspection
Software Pricing

Existing BirdDog users who want to add fire extinguisher inspections to their roster of services can obtain the new NFPA-10-ET fire extinguisher inspection form for $995.

Existing BirdDog users already involved in fire extinguisher inspections can upgrade from the NFPA-10 inspection form to the NFPA-10-ET inspection form for $500.

Pricing for new BirdDog customers is contingent upon the following parameters:

  • A monthly subscription based on the number of users and the desired inspection functionality (sprinkler inspections, alarm inspections, and/or fire extinguisher inspections)
  • Initial set-up and configuration of the BirdDog system in the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • On-site and/or remote BirdDog user training (initially & when you add staff)
  • Data migration support
  • Integration with other software programs such as accounting, billing, or other business software systems
Asurio President Top Myers

By offering BirdDog’s Extinguisher Tracker, Asurio makes it easier for contractors & facility management departments to:

  • Streamline their fire extinguisher inspections process
  • Improve the accuracy of fire extinguisher inspections
  • Provide critical data points needed for more efficient planning of fire extinguisher maintenance & replacement.

-Top Myers, Asurio President