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BirdDog Inspection Forms & Reports

BirdDog inspection forms & reports include an extensive library of forms, plus professional, easy-to-read inspection reports that can be generated.

Life safety contractors, facility managers, property owners, and insurance professionals alike agree that the forms & reports available from the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System are the best!

Did You Know?

The library of inspection forms available with the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System includes forms for NFPA:
fire alarm,
fire sprinkler,
fire extinguisher,
fire suppression
…and regional & municipal forms.

Custom inspection forms available, too!

Asurio Forms Upgrade Policy: Migration to New Standard Versions Is FREE

The BirdDog LifeSafety Inspection System offers an extensive array of inspection forms that are updated by Asurio’s Forms Department each year. BirdDog users can upgrade to newer versions of standard inspection forms they’re using at no charge.

What Makes BirdDog Inspection Reports So Great?

The BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System offers some of the best inspection reports on the market today. Here’s what makes our inspection reports stand out from the crowd.

Fast, Easy Report Generation

Easy-To-Read Reports

At-A-Glance Pass / Fail Results

Embedded Inspection Photos

Embedded NFPA Codes

Branded, Logo’d Reports

Email Reports From Office or The Field

3 Format Options: PDF, Excel, MS-Word

BirdDog = Many Types of Inspection Reports Can Be Generated

The BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System is powered by a versatile, flexible software engine that can generate inspection reports for a wide variety of needs.

  • Commercial Buildings (NFPA)
  • Hospitals (Joint Commission)
  • Deficiencies…and more!

Want To Learn More About BirdDog Inspection Reports?

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BirdDog Inspection Forms & Reports Facilitate Compliance & Reduce Liability!

BirdDog inspection forms & reports help achieve compliance & reduce liability. Here’s how:

Multiple Audit Trails with Time-stamped Actions

Step-By-Step Documentation of Deficiency Repairs

Embedded Digital Photos Provide Proof Of Deficiencies & Repairs

Embedded Liability Disclaimers

Inspection Questions Eliminate “Ad Hoc” Answers That Can Create Liability

Special Comments Section Lets Inspectors Note Potential Problems Without Creating Liability

Instant On-Line Access To Inspections History