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BirdDog from USA-based Asurio, Inc. is a powerful, configurable, universal, cloud-based, mobile inspection & data collection system that’s designed for virtually any industry that needs to conduct inspections or gather data in the field.

Versatile and configurable for multiple industries, regions, and inspection & data collection needs, BirdDog automates & streamlines the process of data collection, along with managing, sharing & reporting on the inspection data.

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In February 2019, Asurio introduced the latest new version of BirdDog Cloud Based Inspection Software.

Welcome to the New, Improved BirdDog!

The new version of BirdDog cloud-based mobile inspection & data collection software offers:

Streamlined Interface

The new interface integrates the Admin interface & Field interface into one seamless software tool

Support for Microsoft, Android & Apple Tablets

BirdDog software operates on all 3 standard tech platforms for tablets.

Enhanced Digital Inspection Forms

We’ve added helpful new information fields requested by customers.

New Fire Extinguisher Inspection Module

This new module adds “auto answer” features that tracks fire extinguisher serial numbers & manufacturer barcodes

New Field Tech User Interface

New interface that’s easier to learn and easier for field techs to use

New BirdDog Application Program Interface for Developers

Our new API makes it easier for developers to incorporate inspection functions into applications they’re writing.

“By increasing BirdDog’s ease of use, features & functions, and the platforms on which BirdDog runs, we’re making it easier for our customers to:
-Streamline their inspections process,
-Improve inspections
-Speed up the follow up work to address deficiencies found in inspections.”

– Top Myers, Asurio President

What Does BirdDog Do?

BirdDog mobile inspection & data collection software allows users to:

  • Perform field inspections & audits
  • Store the data on a tablet or mobile device
  • Upload the data to the BirdDog Administrative Dashboard
  • Manage & share the inspection or audit data
  • Develop a wide variety of reports based on a single inspection

BirdDog Cloud Based Inspection Software Can:





See the list of INDUSTRIES served by BirdDog Cloud Based Inspection Software

Cloud Based Inspection Software Is The New Standard & Yields Many Benefits

As a Cloud-based Software as a Service (SAAS) mobile inspection system, BirdDog allows users to securely access the BirdDog inspection system with a computer and internet connection. The benefits of this approach are:

  • No software to buy or load
  • Software upgrades are handled by Asurio centrally
  • Cost-effective subscription-based system

BirdDog Features List

  • Cloud-based
  • Universal inspection platform: Works for multiple industries & Inspection needs
  • New Integrated Interface
  • Field interfaces works online & offline (gather data offline if you can’t get a WiFi connection; upload later)
  • Dynamic Inspection Template (allows for efficient creation of inspection templates for specific industries)
  • Compliance Team (We have a full team of people who help make sure you’re in compliance as industry codes change)
  • Ability to handle team inspections (more than 1 inspector on a job)
  • Ability to handle complex inspections where separate branch offices need to be dispatched
  • Ability to create multiple reports from 1 inspection
  • Replaces paper-based systems
  • Ability to incorporate digital photos into inspection report
  • Easy to use
  • Secure


The BirdDog Cloud Based Inspection System offers the following benefits:

  • Streamlined inspection process
  • More accurate inspections
  • Improved safety
  • A superior level of compliance with industry regulations (Asurio monitors changes to industry codes & provides more detailed questions tied to code references.)
  • Minimized risk
  • Save time
  • Save money

Why Choose the BirdDog Cloud Based Inspection System?

Universal platform for multiple industries
Cloud-based inspection system
Accommodates team inspections
Accommodates complex inspections from multiple offices

Pricing – BirdDog Cloud Based Inspection Software

Pricing for the new version of BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection Software remains the same as original BirdDog. Volume pricing is available, too.

Contact Asurio Contact Asurio for pricing information based on your requirements & number of users.

BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection Software Pricing

BirdDog Mobile Inspection Software pricing is quoted based on customer’s specific needs.

BirdDog Set-up, Configuration & Training Options:

  • A monthly subscription based on the number of users
  • Initial set-up and configuration of your BirdDog system in the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • On-site and/or remote BirdDog user training (initially & when you add staff)
  • Data migration support
  • Integration with other software programs such as accounting, billing, or other business software systems

Additional BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System Options:

  • Custom Inspection Forms & Inspection Reports Services – Asurio is unique in having a dedicated inspection forms department that works with customers to create customized forms & inspection forms as needed.
  • Specialty Inspection Modules – Asurio offers a variety of extra specialty inspection modules such as Equipment Tracker, Inspection Item Import Utility & a Deficiency Module which tracks inspection deficiencies to highlight opportunities to book additional services.
  • BirdDog Inspection Query Library – Asurio offers a library of queries for data evaluation for all data within the system.
  • Customer Access Report Portal – This is a report access portal which can be accessed by our customer’s clients. This portal allows 24/7 access to inspection reports
  • Application Program Interface (API) – The Asurio development team works with customers who need API connectivity for adding inspection functionality into software applications they are developing.

BirdDog Mobile Inspection Software is the most powerful, versatile & flexible mobile inspection system on the market today. As a result, customers are welcome to use the core inspection product alone, add additional functionality at installation, or add additional functions & offerings as their inspection needs expand.

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