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EXCLUSIVE – BirdDog builds customer confidence and your bottom line

BirdDog manages “non-conformances” and “deficiencies” to create a back log of service work for you, AND, makes you the “provider of choice” because they know everything will be taken care of and not dumped on their “to do“ list.

We can’t emphasize enough the advantage of being able to generate revenue from every deficiency, in a repeatable, reliable manner. Here’s how most of our customers use it:

  1. Deficiencies are found in the field and recorded with supporting data, comments and even a photo.  Code citations are provided when appropriate
  2. Deficiency reports with photos and descriptions are sent to the customer via email immediately following inspection
  3. The deficiency reports flow into BirdDog’s Administration Dashboard when the inspections are completed and sent from the field unit into the management console. They become available for response and other management actions. BirdDog allows for pre-set “response selections” customized for each customer
  4. Work orders are generated with projected costs, job item notes and additional information
  5. Deficiencies can be sorted and analyzed by various criteria to assess progress. For example: by customer, deficiency, job site, employee, potential revenue and other factors
  6. All deficiencies and corrective actions are archived indefinitely, and accessible at any time