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BirdDog’s Equipment Tracker function puts the complete life cycle history of the equipment at your fingertips. Equipment Tracker will help ensure the right portable is in the right location and doesn’t “walk off.” Reports can be run to show each items’ current location, status and ownership. You can run reports to help your client predict costs for items needing repair, recharge and/or replacement. You can also use Equipment Tracker to assist your inventory analysis . . . and more.

Tracking categories include:

  • Damaged
  • Missing
  • Out for Repair
  • On Truck
  • In Warehouse
  • Added to Job – and more.

Asset Identification categories include:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Asset Number
  • Install Date
  • Replacement Date
  • Bar Code – and more.

Technicians can use Equipment Tracker to:

  • Add items to inventory
  • Add items to the inspection job
  • Exchange items to his inventory
  • Exchange items between the job site and his inventory – and more