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Reduce Hours & Days Down to Minutes with the optional module

What If? – – Instead of Walking a Structure and Manually Mapping the Fire Alarm System and Devices – – – You Could – – –

  1. Download device listings from the panel in various file types.
  2. Parse that data with a Translator Tool.
  3. Configure system & devices.
  4. Convert to NFPA 72-Consistent Format for inspections and reports.
  5. Improve accuracy by answering all questions

We’ve automated the formatting and reporting of electronic files representing the fire panel and attached devices so you will:

  • Save hundreds of technicians hours spent on deconstruction and reformatting panel files to bold reports
  • Eliminate worrying about the either added or removed devices (reducing risk)
  • Eliminate having to maintain sizeable spreadsheets to catalog devices attached to the fire panels.

After having eliminated hundreds of non-productive reporting hours, and redirected them into billable hours, you can still save more. On your next visit, BirdDog automatically captures both added and removed devices and reports on them. Fire panel profiles are reused to automatically format the extracted data files, (often in text or Microsoft Access) and the data can then be automatically mapped to Asurio’s industry-standard NFPA 72 reporting form.