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ASURIO’s roots in the Fire & Life Safety Industry, as well as the NFPA codes,  go back 40 years. Asurio’s President, Top Myers is also principal in the largest insurance / risk management company for the US sprinkler industry.

People depend on the inspections that our customers perform for the safety of other people, as well as for preventing loss and liability. Using NFPA codes as a guide, BirdDog inspection software automates and simplifies inspections of fire and other life safety equipment.   It offers a higher level of functionality including the ability to:

  • Share inspection data among multiple offices (ideal for multi-office inspection companies)
  • Handle “team” inspections for large buildings or complexes
  • Configure the software system to accommodate your own business processes

To protect you and your clients BirdDog provides:

  • Multiple Audit Trails – All actions are stamped automatically by date, time & answer method. You can also include GPS coordinates.
  • Standardized, Approved Responses – For consistent business practices and to minimize or eliminate “ad hoc” answers that could create problems.
  • Digital Photos – Worth 1,000 words, digital photos provide proof. Include both Before & After photos to document repairs.
  • Deficiency Correction Documentation – Deficiencies Management documents repairs step by step through the correction process.
  • Code Citations – From the NFPA codes.
  • A Comments Section with disclaimer – To fulfill your ethical obligations to alert the client about potential issues without creating a liability situation.
  • Liability Disclaimer – Consistent with NFPA recommendations.
  • Instant On-Line Access to Inspections History – Via your Management Console and/or Self Service Portal for you and your clients.

The BirdDog inspection software system is proven in the field and currently is in use by the top fire-life safety inspections companies in the United State, as well as many medium sized firms.   It works equally well in other industries that require inspection work.