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Innovative and robust inspection software for any size inspection business or department

Since 2007, ASURiO’s BirdDog Inspection System software has been proven in the field and is currently in use at some of the top Fire and Life-Safety inspections companies in North America. The system works equally well in other industries that require inspections, such as hospitals, colleges & universities, and government facilities, to name a few.

BirdDog offers an electronic system that automates and accelerates the process of gathering data in the field for any type of forms-based inspection procedure. The system then automates the management, sharing, and reporting of that data (for compliance with regulations, risk management, or asset management).

BirdDog is comprised of software for mobile data collection, data analysis, data sharing, and inspection reporting. The analysis & reporting software is securely hosted by ASURiO at its data center (or, if necessary, installed at a customer’s site). The software for gathering data in the field runs on a wide range of hand-held mobile devices, laptops/netbooks, and tablet PCs.

Powerful Features

  • Easily shares inspection data among multiple offices – great for larger organizations with several branches across the US or any region of the US.
  • Easily handles complex “team” inspections for large buildings and complexes
  • Easily customizable to adapt to your company’s processes.
  • Field proven in the field by over 1000 inspectors nationwide.

Health Care Inspections
Joint Commission (JCAHO) documentation and deficiency follow-up requirements in health care are significant. Not only do inspectors require knowledge of local and national fire codes, but Joint Commission codes as well. Health Care Facility Directors and Accreditation Managers alike need fast access to accurate records whether doing an inspection or undergoing a Joint Commission inspection. ASURIO BirdDog software enables both in-house as well as inspection contractors to individually or jointly complete required inspections, merging the results into a consolidated online database for fast retrieval and reference.

Amusement, Recreation, and Hospitality Inspections
We support service in the Hospitality industry that must follow Health Inspector and HACCP guidelines, as well as Recreation and Amusement Park Inspection requirements. Whatever your needs, we deliver the inspection tools to keep your customers and businesses safe.

Building Inspections
As a contract service company, you can be assured your inspectors are following local and national code requirements when using ASURIO BirdDog software. Inspections provide complete and comprehensive details on all systems following approved code guidelines. 24/7 on-line access, professional reports, audit trails and digital photos all help demonstrate full compliance.

Colleges and Universities Inspection
Educational/Research campuses have needs that extend beyond Fire & Life Safety to include Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) as well as Equipment Safety (OSHA) and Facilities. Institutions like colleges and universities have a broad range of inspection requirements.

  • fire and life safety
  • guaranteeing environmental safety and health compliance
  • maintenance of physical plants and high-value assets
  • custodial and janitorial oversight
  • safety and comfort of residents
  • for the operation of dining halls and food service operations
  • healthcare facilities and labs