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BirdDog Deficiency Management

When it comes to the successful inspection of facilities, the rubber meets the road with BirdDog’s Inspection Deficiency Management capabilities. Once a facility inspection has been completed, it’s critically important for inspection contractors & facility managers alike to easily identify deficiencies found in inspections, prioritize the most important repairs, and get them done quickly and efficiently.

When this happens, everyone wins.

Did You Know?

BirdDog Mobile Inspection Software provides powerful Inspection Deficiency Management capabilities that automate & streamline the process of repairing deficiencies found during facility inspections.

What is Inspection Deficiency Management?

Inspection Deficiency Management is a software module integrated into the BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection system. This functionality offers a variety of integrated functions for managing deficiencies found in inspections, including:

  • Identifying equipment & devices that are not working from an inspection
  • Allowing for prioritizing the most pressing repairs
  • Notifying property owners or managers
  • Generating proposals & estimates for repairs
  • Adding pictures to help office staff better understand the deficiency & be able to accurately specify make, model, size & replacement parts
  • Scheduling repairs
  • Billing for repairs
  • Documenting that needed repairs have been completed
Deficiency Management

Did You Know?

If deficiencies found in inspections are not acted upon quickly after they’re identified, they typically are not fixed. BirdDog’s powerful Deficiency Management capabilities help ensure that deficiencies are resolved efficiently & quickly.

Deficiency Management

BirdDog’s Inspection Deficiency Management Helps Prioritize Most-needed Repairs

When an inspection is completed, BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection Software automatically transfers deficiencies found in the inspection to its Inspection Deficiency Management module.

BirdDog allows field techs to prioritize deficiencies can be prioritized by severity of the problem:

  • Critical
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

BirdDog Inspection Deficiency Management Benefits

Save Time

Our Inspection Deficiency Management functions automate a traditionally manual process

Reduce Risk & Liability

This module improves compliance & safety, and reduces risk

No More Missed Repairs

Automated deficiency management means needed repairs don’t fall through the cracks.

Improve Contractor Revenue & Profitability

No more lost revenue from missing repairs

No More Transcribing Illegible Inspection Notes

No need to transcribe written instructions; documentation is digital

Faster Resolution of Safety Issues

Improve safety with faster resolution of deficiencies found in inspections

“We have learned over the years that, if deficiencies are not resolved as soon as they’re identified, the deficiencies don’t get fixed.

Paper-based deficiency management usually involves double data entry, with office staff trying to decipher a field tech’s writing, leading to delays and inaccurate logging of deficiencies.

BirdDog’s Deficiency Management capabilities automate & streamline the deficiency management process, as well as providing pictures of the deficiency for added clarity on what needs to be fixed.”

– Top Myers, President, Asurio, Inc.

BirdDog = A Streamlined Inspection Deficiency Management Process

Here’s a look at BirdDog’s Deficiency Management process:

  1. The facility inspection is completed, with deficencies recorded with supporting data, comments, photos & even a code citation when appropriate.
  2. Deficiencies found during the inspection are ported to the Inspection Deficiency Management module within BirdDog software.
  3. Deficiency reports with photos & descriptions can be sent to the customer or facility manager immediately following inspection.
  4. Work orders can easily be generated with projected costs, job item notes & additional information.
  5. Deficiencies can be sorted by customer, deficiency type, job site, inspector, revenue & other factors.
  6. Completed repairs are documented, with all deficiencies & corrective actions archived indefinitely & easily accessible.

This process improves safety & compliance for property owners & facility managers, while generating additional revenue for fire-life safety contractors.