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Do you have technical and/or customer support?
Yes, our Technical Support Center takes inbound calls and emails Monday through Friday from 6 AM– 6 PM MST.

Do you have training?
     We provide initial on location training with a knowledgeable Trainer, and also remedial training through web conferencing.

How much does it cost?
ASURiO’s business philosophy allows our customers to pay a flat rate per month, per user. Our User Id concept allows you to maximize your productivity and minimize costs all the while knowing exactly what your monthly costs will be. No big surprise bills at the end of the month. We keep our costs very reasonable and the pricing can be better determined for your company as we discuss your needs. Contact us @ for specific costs.

Do you have sample reports we can see and what kind of feedback do you get on your reports?
     We would be happy to show you some of our sample reports, contact us @ to schedule a time to review. Our customers have given us positive feedback on our reports; their customers are happy so our customers are happy. We don’t take it lightly that your final product to your customer needs to not only be accurate and informative but clear and easy to understand too. BirdDog reports provide reference standards which supports our customer’s inspections.

How often do you update your reports?
     Reports are updated whenever a new NFPA standard is released.

Can we change the reports?
     BirdDog provides standard reports that are NFPA compliant, with all inspection and testing requirements. If your business needs require another reporting feature, we would be happy to discuss building a custom report for you.

Do you maintain and provide upgrades to the software and updates that follow industry standards and guidelines?
     Yes, as part of the BirdDog’s package, software and reports are provided with updates as needed by national standards and guidelines as well as additional functionality. Our software upgrades are customer driven so we ask that you share your needs and ideas and we will listen.

Can we take photos of deficiencies?
     Yes, you may take as many photos as needed for a deficiency.

Do we have to buy your devices for the field techs mobile device?
     ASURiO only sells software, we do not sell any hardware, but we will assist you in finding the best hardware for your business needs. You can select from over 75+ WindowsOS/Windows Mobile devices. Most of our customers in the last two years have selected tablets, netbooks, or laptops. The greater processing power, larger screen, full & virtual keyboards, ability to write on the touch screen and overall functionality with these devices means better productivity for your inspector.

Can we use Apple or Android tablets?
     No. Currently BirdDog uses only Windows OS hardware.

Is our data safe?
     YES –  your data is stored with ViaWest using state of the art System, Network and Security Architecture. They are experts in data security and are PCI & HIPAA Cloud Compliant. We have in place a strong Disaster Recovery plan, in case of an extreme emergency.

Do you share building information with other contractors if asked? (ie. Devices and systems)
     NO, we absolutely do not share any data between customers.

Do you have bar coding and is it a requirement to use bar codes?
     We do offer bar code capability but it is not a requirement to use our software for your inspections.

Can we pay with a credit card?
     Yes, you may pay by credit card or PayPal through our website or with your monthly invoice.