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BirdDog Inspection System Differentiators Put BirdDog In A Class By Itself

When it comes to choosing the right inspection system for your business or facilities department, it’s important to study the BirdDog inspection system differentiators to truly understand how BirdDog is different and better. With that in mind, here are 5 BirdDog system differentiators that put this inspection system in a class by itself.

5 BirdDog Inspection System Differentiators

BirdDog Inspection System Differentiators 1: Configurable for any industry

 While BirdDog was first designed for NFPA inspections of commercial facilities like office buildings, BirdDog is flexible & highly configurable. This means that BirdDog can be configured to inspect virtually any facility – ranging from a sophisticated manufacturing plant to an aircraft carrier to a specialized medical facility. Custom forms can be developed by the BirdDog staff to meet the needs of whatever needs to be inspected.

BirdDog Inspection System Differentiators 2: Embedded code references

Unless an inspector has a photographic memory, it’s virtually impossible to remember all the various code references one would encounter in the course of an NFPA 25, 10, or 72 inspection. That’s why it’s so helpful that the BirdDog inspection system contains code references right in the inspection form. This is helpful for long-time inspectors, and it’s particularly helpful for less experienced inspectors.

BirdDog Inspection System Differentiators 3: Advanced deficiency management

While many inspection systems track deficiencies found in inspection, the BirdDog system takes deficiency management to a whole new level. In addition to tracking deficiencies found during a facility inspection, BirdDog also allows field inspectors to list specific information needed to properly estimate the cost of resolving deficiencies. For example, BirdDog allows inspectors to list specific tools that might be needed to fix a sprinkler head, such as: “12-foot ladder needed” or “This is a two-person job.” These additional details allow administrative staff back at the main office to more accurately estimate the cost of services to resolve a deficiency.

BirdDog Inspection System Differentiators 4: In-house compliance team

Asurio, the makers of the BirdDog inspection system, maintains a team of experienced staffers who track and document code changes that occur each year. These code changes are factored into inspection forms – and Asurio maintains multiple “vintages” of inspection forms. This allows for the creation and management of new, revised inspection forms as well as making changes to existing inspection forms. As a result, fire safety contractors & facility management department heads alike are able to stay in compliance as standards change.

BirdDog Inspection System Differentiators 5: Customer success focus

In a day and age when it can be hard to find good help, the Asurio team is truly focused on customer success. Multiple ways Asurio helps BirdDog users be more successful include: a formal customer success program, an Asurio team member dedicated to helping customers maximize their use of the BirdDog inspection system, ongoing product updates, an ever-growing library of BirdDog training videos…and more.

No question, the decision to deploy a digital inspection system has a weighty impact on a contracting business or a facility management department. When researching options and deciding to purchase inspection software, savvy business owners & department managers should factor BirdDog inspection system differentiators into their buying decision.

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