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BirdDog Inspection Systems Enhancements 2020 | Asurio, Inc.

The Top 3 BirdDog Inspection System Enhancements of 2020

Asurio, Inc. has a commitment to continually improving and evolving BirdDog Inspection System software, and this is a look at the top 3 BirdDog Inspection System Enhancements we completed in 2020.

BirdDog Inspection System Enhancements # 1: Extinguisher Tracker

One of the most powerful 2020 enhancements to BirdDog is the new Extinguisher Tracker functionality that’s now embedded in the BirdDog Inspection System. BirdDog’s new fire extinguisher inspection software functionality allows fire safety contractors and in-house facility management departments to streamline the process of inspecting, tracking & maintaining portable fire extinguishers in facilities they manage. NFPA research studies show that 93% of all fire-related deaths and property damage occur when fires have progressed beyond early-stage suppression. In simple terms, this means that fire extinguishers play a powerful role in preventing fire-related deaths and property damage. But they have to be in good working order to do their jobs. That’s where Extinguisher Tracker comes in.

Extinguisher Tracker results in more accurate fire extinguisher inspections – which allows fire extinguishers to be kept in good working order faster and easier. In addition, Extinguisher Tracker offers powerful asset tracking functions that “auto-populate” the manufacturer, model & size of the fire extinguisher simply by scanning the fire extinguisher’s bar code. This helps both life safety contractors and in-house facility management professionals to keep track of fire extinguishers and streamline the refurbishment and/or replacement of fire extinguishers.

BirdDog Inspection System Enhancements # 2: Significant Deficiency Module Upgrades

In 2020, Asurio introduced significant enhancements in its Deficiency Management Module. The BirdDog Deficiency Management module is critically important to generating more services revenue for contractors, and for generating compliance with local, regional, and national fire codes. The top 3 key enhancements to BirdDog’s Deficiency Management Module include:

  1. Streamlined ability to capture & log deficiencies
  2. New capabilities that allow inspectors to list logistical considerations that aid in the quoting and staging of repairs, such as special tools that will be needed, ladders of specific heights, and the number of workers required to complete the repair
  3. Faster ability to generate and send repair work proposals from our or your proposal system

BirdDog Inspection System Enhancements # 3: Enhanced Cyber Security

BirdDog’s cyber security has been enhanced this year. We’ve done a lot of behind-the-scenes work to power up our cyber security best practices, with more work coming in 2021 that enhances the protection of our customer’s valuable customer information. As part of our cyber-security initiative, Asurio has been consulting with a premier Azure cloud system vendor who’s helped us take our cyber security to a new level.

“If we’ve learned one thing in world of digital products, it is that the technology is continuing to change and improve,” said Asurio President Top Myers. “At Asurio, we feel an obligation to our customers to stay ahead of the curve in terms of BirdDog features and functions, as well as cybersecurity.”

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