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Best Life Safety Inspection Reports | BirdDog Life Safety Inspection Software From Asurio, Inc.

The BirdDog Inspection System Offers The Best Life Safety Inspection Reports

When it comes to seeking out inspection software with the best life safety inspection reports, the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection & Data Collection System offers inspection reports that are a cut above the rest.

“High-quality inspection reports are a necessity for everyone involved in the process of enhancing life safety,” said Top Myers, Asurio president. “Inspection reports have to ask the right questions and document answers in a way that protects the public, protects the facility owner, and protects the life safety contractor. BirdDog inspection reports do this…and more.”

Quality Life Safety Inspection Reports Yield Many Benefits

The actual inspection starts the process. But the inspection reports generated from these inspections are a critical part of puzzle. A quality inspection report:

  • Proves compliance
  • Highlights deficiencies that need to be addressed that could compromise safety
  • Proves the inspection work was done
  • Provides a digital “paper trail” of inspection work in the event of litigation
  • Builds strong relationships with building owners, fire marshals, insurance officials, and other stakeholders
  • Allows inspectors to make owners aware of possible system problems that are outside the scope of the inspection without incurring liability.

Eight Critical Features That Result In High-Quality Life Safety Inspection Reports

Best Life Safety Inspection Reports Sample | BirdDog Life Safety Inspection Software from Asurio, Inc.When you’re researching Fire Life Safety Inspection Software, it’s important to review the quality of the inspection reports that can be generated by the software. Here are some of the top features that are a necessity for quality inspection reports.

Inspection Report Feature 1: Fast, Efficient Report Generation

Once an inspection is completed, it’s important to be able to quickly and efficiently generate the inspection report, and for so many reasons. Being able to generate inspection reports quickly offers many benefits:

  • Provides the ability to forward information to interested parties who need or want to see the inspection results immediately
  • Helps identify deficiencies that need to be resolved
  • Provides peace of mind to facility owners & managers
  • Helps contractors get paid faster

Inspection Report Feature 2: Easy-to-read Reports

It seems like common sense that inspection reports should be formatted in a way that makes them easy to read and understand. But quite often, that is not the case. BirdDog Inspection Reports offer an easy-to-read format that generates positive comments from people who review them.

Inspection Report Feature 3: Ability To Generate Inspection Reports In The Office and The Field

The best inspection software allows users to generate reports both in the office and in the field. The ability to generate inspection reports right in the field is particularly important when time is of the essence to provide inspection information, such as when a fire marshal wants to see the inspection report as soon as possible. BirdDog Inspection Software allows office staff to generate and send the inspection report. The system also allows a field tech to generate the inspection report at the inspection site, and then immediately email it to the customer, right from the inspection site.

Inspection Report Feature 4: At A Glance Pass / Fail Information

The number one information priority in an inspection report is to understand whether devices passed or failed the inspection. The BirdDog Life Safety Inspection & Data Collection System offers inspections reports that clearly show what devices passed and failed.

Inspection Report Feature 5: Embedded Inspection Photos

Powerful inspection software systems like BirdDog allow inspectors to take digital photos during the inspection, and embed those photos in the inspection report. The old saying “A picture is worth a 1,000 words” applies in inspections. When a photo of a corroded or leaking pipe is included in an inspection report, it’s pretty hard to dispute the inspector’s assessment that a device or system component failed the inspection.

Inspection Report Feature 6: Embedded NFPA Codes

Whether they’re new to the job or have been handling inspections for decades, inspectors find it helpful to have NFPA codes embedded right in the inspection report. Not only does this feature save valuable time for inspectors, the embedded codes help validate their inspection findings. BirdDog is one of the few inspection systems on the market today that embeds NFPA codes into the software and the inspection reports.

Inspection Report Feature 7: Multiple Report Format Options

When providing inspection reports to facility owners or managers, fire marshals, or insurance officials, it’s logistically helpful to be able to produce inspection reports in multiple universal formats. This ensures that important people who need to see the inspection reports can open them. The BirdDog Inspection System can generate inspection reports in multiple universal formats: a PDF file, an Excel file, or a Microsoft Word document.

Inspection Report Feature 8: Ability To Brand Inspection Reports

When Fire Life Safety contractors send inspection reports to their customers, the ability to brand an inspection report adds another level of professionalism to inspection reports. With BirdDog inspection reports, it’s fast and easy to add logos & branding that identifies the source of the inspection.

“BirdDog inspection reports are clean, easy to read, minimize liability, and they’re based on in-depth knowledge of NFPA code standards. Asurio management team members sit on a variety of NFPA technical committees that develop NFPA standards. As a result, we’re able to craft BirdDog inspection software and inspection reports that meet NFPA standards because we’ve been in the room when the code standards are being debated, discussed, and finalized.”

Need a life safety inspection system that generates the best life safety inspection reports? Contact Asurio for a Demo of the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection & Data Collection System.