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Asurio Newsflash: BirdDog Customer Inspection Report Access Is Now Free

The Asurio team is pleased to announce that BirdDog customer inspection report access is now free for users of the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System. In the past, there was a modest charge for this access. Asurio now offers this function at no additional charge for existing users of the BirdDog Inspection System.

What Is BirdDog Customer Inspection Report Access?

This handy functions gives BirdDog users the ability to give their customers online access to the customer’s own inspection reports. The process to do this is quite simple. The life safety contractor creates a user ID for a specific customer & sets permission for the customer to access their own inspection reports stored in the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System.

Why Is BirdDog Customer Inspection Report Access Offered?

The fire life safety industry is becoming more digital by the day. By offering password-protected, secure access to BirdDog inspection reports, it’s much more convenient & time-efficient for the contractor and their customers.

This function helps contractors, especially in scenarios where they’ve already sent the inspection report to the customer; the customer loses the report; and calls to ask for it again. In those instances, the contractor can either re-send the report, or set up secured access to the customer’s inspection reports so they can get the report themselves.

This function also saves time & provides a contractor’s customers the ability to access their inspection reports any time they need the reports.

How Are BirdDog Inspection Reports Generated?

The BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System’s powerful report generation capabilities also are flexible in HOW inspection reports are generated, and by whom. Here are the various ways an inspection report can be created:

  • Office Staff Creates & Send the Inspection Report: Once a field tech completes an inspection and uploads the inspection information to the main office, an office staffer can generate the report and send it to the customer.
  • Field Tech Creates & Sends the Inspection Report: If a customer is chomping at the bit to get an inspection report as quickly as possible, the field tech can complete the inspection, generate a report in the field, and then email the report to the customer before the field tech leaves the inspection location.

“BirdDog’s Customer Report Access function expedites end user customers getting faster access to inspection reports for the facilities they own and/or manage. In addition, since time equates to money, contractors can minimize the time they spend sending and re-sending inspection reports to their customers,” noted Asurio General Manager Jack Coffelt. “The fact that this important BirdDog function is available at no additional charge provides even more incentive to use it in order to save time and money.”

Interested in putting the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System through its paces? Contact Asurio for a DEMO today.