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How To Streamline Your Inspection Business With The BirdDog Inspection System

There’s no better time than the onset of a new year to strategize how to streamline a life safety inspection business or facility management department for more efficient operations. When you deploy strategies to streamline a life safety inspection business such as using life safety inspection software, it brings a whole host of benefits including:

  • Improved operations
  • Streamlined inspections
  • Enhanced safety
  • Reduced risk…and more money in the bank.

How The BirdDog Inspection System Helps Improve Your Inspection Business Or Facility Management Department

Here are 3 key ways the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System helps inspection businesses & facility departments improve inspection operations for the new year, and beyond.

Faster Set-up of New Inspections

When you’re assigned to inspect a facility owned or operated by a new customer, BirdDog software has many features that speed the process of setting up an inspection of a new facility. Here are some examples of features that support faster set-up of brand new inspections:

  • Convenient Item Import Utility – BirdDog’s Item Importer tool allows 100s or 1000s of new devices to be quickly and easily uploaded, which is especially handy for large facilities with sizable lists of devices that will need to be inspected.
  • Fast, Easy Inspection & Device Editing – Once you’ve uploaded a large list of devices, BirdDog offers the capability of fast, easy editing of both Inspection Attributes (field tech instructions & comments, scheduled inspection date, job details & more) and Device Attributes (area/location, serial number, asset number, manufacturer, model & more).
  • Easy Job Build Functionality – BirdDog offers the option of building a new inspection job in 3 different ways: 1) Create a job through the Administrative Console software with a partial list of devices that will be expanded by field techs; 2) Create an inspection job through the Administrative Console software and add all the known devices in one clean sweep; or 3) Field techs can get the inspection built on-site by using the Inspection Profile function that uses a digital list of known devices at a particular location.
  • Clone Function – When inspections need to be created, the Clone function allows administrators or field techs to clone an existing inspection and then modify it, rather than creating a new inspection from scratch.

Faster Completion of Inspections

BirdDog Life Safety Inspection Software offers features and functions that help facility inspections get completed faster. Here are some examples:

  • Auto Answer Function – The auto answer function provides drop-down menus with pre-populated answers that help inspectors answer inspection questions & get the job done faster.
  • Embedded NFPA Code References – Experienced inspectors & field techs new to the job alike benefit from the NFPA code references that are embedded in BirdDog software. This saves valuable time because inspectors don’t have to research NFPA codes for additional guidance when performing an inspection.

Faster Identification & Resolution of Deficiencies

BirdDog’s Deficiency Management capabilities speed the process of identifying deficiencies, as well as scoping the needed repairs & repair logistics, in order to generate a repair quote. Examples include:

  • Deficiency Photo Capture – Inspectors can capture photos in the field of deficiencies that were found. The photo capture function both proves a deficiency exists, and shows the details of the deficiency.
  • Repair Logistics Documentation Function – BirdDog also allows field techs to log specific notes about special requirements to complete a repair job. In the form of questions, the inspector can give details about the Scope of Work, Materials Needed (Manufacturer, model numbers, style of the item that needs to be replaced…); Labor Requirements (number of repair technicians needed for the repair job plus estimated hours…); Special Considerations (Specific equipment that will be needed to complete the repair job such as ladders, lifts, and/or specific tools…); and more. This additional level of information allows administrators back at the office to craft more accurate estimates for repair quotes, and generate and submit the repair quotes faster.

There are many features and functions offered within BirdDog software that helps streamline a life safety company, and its operations. BirdDog facilitates contractors or facility departments in preparing inspections faster, completing inspections faster, and resolving deficiencies faster.

All this contributes to a stronger bottom line, improved safety, less risk – and the ability to complete more inspections in the course of a week, month, or year.

Want to learn how to streamline a life safety inspection business? Sign up for a DEMO & learn how the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection & Data Collection System improves operations & the bottom line.