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Birddog Inspection Software Benefits | BirdDog By Asurio, Inc.

BirdDog Inspection Software Benefits Than Can Transform Your Business or Facilities Department

Whether you’re considering the BirdDog Inspection & Data Collection System or you’re a long-time user of this inspection software, it’s helpful to review BirdDog Inspection Software benefits.

For fire safety contractors or facilities departments considering BirdDog inspection software, a review of BirdDog Inspection Software Benefits will help you justify and secure approval for the investment.

For fire safety contractors or facilities departments already using BirdDog Inspection Software, a quick review of BirdDog inspection software benefits can help you ensure that you’re maximizing your use of this powerful software.

Top 5 BirdDog Inspection Software Benefits

Here’s a quick look at the top 5 benefits of deploying the BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System…and all these benefits can transform your business or facility management department for the better.

BirdDog Inspection Software Benefits 1: Improved safety

Improved safety is a win for everyone involved in the inspection process: contractors, facilities departments, property owners, and the people who inhabit or work in residential buildings, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and more. First and foremost, ensuring safety for people is simply the right thing to do. Beyond that, improved safety brings a host of benefits including lower insurance premiums, reduced legal bills, and staying on good terms with local, regional & national personnel in charge of ensuring safety.

BirdDog Inspection Software Benefits 2: More accurate inspections

An automated inspection system like BirdDog helps minimize or flat out eliminate errors in the inspection process. First, inspection software (vs. paper-based inspection systems) eliminates inspection errors that come from not being able to read an inspector’s handwriting or comments on a paper inspection form. Second, BirdDog allows inspectors to log devices specific to a building or facility once, and then it’s stored for use in future inspections, along with device history. Third, BirdDog’s ability for inspectors to take and attach photos along with inspections helps make it crystal clear what’s being referenced, either for general inspection information or to highlight a deficiency.

BirdDog Inspection Software Benefits 3: Increased compliance

With an automated digital inspection system like BirdDog, contractors & facility departments alike can achieve increased compliance thanks to more thorough, accurate inspections. In addition, since BirdDog features NFPA code references for each inspection question, this helps both experienced & novice inspectors make sure they’re following NFPA guidelines. Increased compliance is a win for everyone involved: contractors, facility departments, building owners & tenant, residents, or workers.

BirdDog Inspection Software Benefits 4: Reduced risk

One big way that fire safety contractors can get into legal trouble is to inspect items not on the inspection list. From an insurance liability perspective, this is bad news and creates unnecessary liability. The BirdDog inspection system helps inspectors review and inspect what they are supposed to inspect, while providing a way to provide comment on additional items spotted during the inspection without taking on the liability for inspecting items not on the list.

BirdDog Inspection Software Benefits 5: Streamlined inspection process

When you use the BirdDog inspection system, it both automates & streamlines your ability to gather inspection data out in the field, upload & synchronize inspection data, and manage, share, and report inspection data – all within the context of integrated administrative & field tech interfaces.

For those considering the BirdDog inspection system, these benefits should help you justify the investment. For those already using the BirdDog system, these benefits are a good reminder of why you’re using BirdDog.

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