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Improve Fire Contractor Profitability With BirdDog By Asurio

How To Improve Fire Contractor Profitability & Efficiency with BirdDog by Asurio

The old saying “time is money” illustrates why it’s so important to deploy technologies that can improve fire contractor profitability & efficiency. When inspection software streamlines operations, saves time & saves money, it can have a huge impact on productivity & profitability for fire life safety contractors and facility management departments. For fire life safety contractors & facility management professionals looking to improve compliance, safety, and the bottom line, the BirdDog Inspection System is the answer.

7 Ways The BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System Helps Improve Fire Contractor Profitability & Efficiency

There are many ways the BirdDog Inspection System streamlines operations & improves profitability & efficiency for fire contractors & facility management departments.

Faster Completion of Inspections – With BirdDog’s auto-population of questions that lead field techs through the inspection, inspections typically can be completed faster and more accurately.

  • Benefits: Accomplish more inspections in the course of a week or month. For fire contractors, more inspections = more revenue. For facility management professionals, more inspections = more comprehensive inspection coverage of large facilities, campuses & more.

Upload Inspection Data Results From The Field – Once field techs have completed an inspection, they can upload inspection data back to the office before they leave the facility they just inspected.

  • Benefits: Immediate generation of inspection reports & faster billing for completed inspection work.

Generate Inspection Reports From The Field – In situations where someone in a position of responsibility is chomping at the bit to see inspection results (a fire marshal, a building owner, etc.), BirdDog allows field techs to generate an inspection report in the field and email it to stakeholders as soon as the inspection is completed.

  • Benefits: Faster proof of compliance & faster billing for inspection work.

Streamlined Deficiency Documentation & Service Quoting – When it takes too long for deficiencies to be logged & service quotes to be generated, deficiencies often don’t get resolved. This both compromises safety & results in lost revenue for fire safety contractors. With BirdDog’s Deficiency Management module, deficiencies are logged as part of the inspection. Once the inspection is completed, a detailed Deficiency Report lists the problems that were found, where they are located, and special equipment & manpower needed to resolve the deficiency. This speeds the development of service quotes; ensures the service quotes are more accurate; and helps get deficiencies resolved faster.

  • Benefits: Faster generation of repair quotes; increased services work; improved safety.


Double Data Entry Eliminated – For contractors or facility departments switching from paper to digital inspections, digital inspection software solutions like BirdDog eliminate the double-data entry that occurs with paper inspections. With paper inspections, an inspector writes the data on a paper inspection form. Then, someone at the office has to enter that data into a computer to generate an inspection report.

  • Benefits: Saves time & money by eliminating double data entry.


Easy Access of Old Inspection Data – The BirdDog Inspection System time-stamps inspection findings, and then stores them. In the event that a fire safety contractor or facility management department needs to access historical inspection data, it’s fast & easy to obtain that data from the BirdDog Inspection System. This eliminates the need for contractors or facility professionals to wade through years of file folders to find the historical inspection data they’re seeking.

  • Benefits: Saves time & money.

Built-In Liability Protection – When an inspector makes note of something that did not need to be inspected, it can make a contractor or facility department liable for damages, because the inspector went beyond the scope of the inspection contract. The BirdDog Inspection System offers built-in liability protection with its Observation Report. This liability protection feature allows inspectors to make note of additional items of note or problems they observe, without exposing the inspection company to additional liabilities.

  • Benefits: Minimizes liability & expensive lawsuits.

Many fire contractors & in-house facility departments turn to inspection software solutions like BirdDog purely to streamline their inspection processes. But an additional benefit of inspection software is that it can improve operations, save time, save money, and improve fire contractor profitability and efficiency.

Interested in improving your inspections process while also saving money? Contact Asurio for a DEMO of the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System today!