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2021 Business New Years Resolutions | BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System | Asurio, Inc.

3 Ways The BirdDog Inspection System Facilitates 2021 Business New Years Resolutions

It’s 2021, and many life safety contractors and facility management department heads are thinking about 2021 business new years resolutions.

One of the best 2021 business new years resolutions life safety contractors & facility managers can make is to streamline their inspections with life safety inspection software tools like the BirdDog life safety inspection system.

Granted, it may be easy to continue existing ways of operating, but there’s nothing like a new year to make a change that improves operations, saves money, saves time, and brings about higher levels of safety for people.

That’s where the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection & Data Collection System comes in. BirdDog provides a powerful framework for improving your inspection processes, resulting in a whole host of benefits.

3 Ways BirdDog Can Help Streamline Operations In The New Year & Beyond

There are so many ways that the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System helps life safety contractors & facility management department streamline inspections, it’s difficult to choose just three to highlight. Nonetheless, here are three ways the BirdDog inspection system can help streamline operations.

Streamlining Capability 1: BirdDog Streamlines The Actual Inspection Process

BirdDog offers many ways that the actual inspection process is streamlined. Here are a few examples:

  • Ability To Sequence Devices Slated For Inspection Based on the Field Tech’s Path Through the Building: BirdDog allows users to organize the sequence of the devices based on a start-to-finish path the field tech will follow in navigating a building for an inspection.
  • Built-in Code References: There are very few life-safety inspection systems that feature the code references built right in the inspection form. BirdDog does this, and it’s a helpful tool both for field techs who are new to the job, as well as experienced facility inspectors.
  • Auto-population of Data: Once you’ve built the inspection for a specific facility, BirdDog saves that data and auto-populates the data for future inspections done on that facility.

What’s The Big Deal About This?

  • You Save Time, because these features literally speed the process of getting an inspection completed.
  • You Save Money, because it takes less labor time to get the job done.
  • You Make Money (for contractors), because you can get more inspections done over the course of a week, month, or year.

Streamlining Capability 2: BirdDog Streamlines The Reporting Process

BirdDog offers some of the best inspection reports on the market, with a clean, crisp, easy-to-read format. It’s common sense that when an inspection report is easy to read and understand, everyone is happy…from the property owner to the compliance officer, the fire marshal, and the insurance adjuster. Inspection reports from BirdDog can be branded with a contractor’s logo, and the inspection results are arranged in a simple, easy-to-read format. Reports can be generated in a variety of ways depending on what information you want to convey. The process is quick and easy to generate the inspection report of your choice, making it fast and easy to communicate with various stakeholders about what’s being done to keep facilities safe and in compliance.

What’s The Big Deal About This?

  • Happy customers: Never underestimate the power of a crisp, understandable inspection report.
  • Happy fire marshals: Never understimate the value of keeping fire marshalls happy.
  • Justify Your Work and Your Team: BirdDog’s strong reporting capabilities effectively communicate what you and your team have done to keep facilities safe.

Streamlining Capability 3: BirdDog Streamlines The Deficiency Resolution Process

 BirdDog’s deficiency management capabilities streamline the process of gathering the information needed to generate service quotes, and then actually resolve the deficiencies. What’s more, field techs can plug in practical notes regarding the deficiency they have found, including logistical information about what’s needed to resolve the deficiency. This includes information such as how many workers will be needed to complete the job, special equipment that will be needed such as a 12-foot-tall ladder, and more.

What’s The Big Deal About This?

  • Improves Safety, because deficiencies can be identified, service quotes generated, and the deficiency resolution completed faster.
  • Generates Revenue (for contractors), because deficiency information can be consolidated into one deficiency report that office workers can use to quickly generate a service quote. The faster contractors generate service quotes, the more likely the service work will be approved.

The bottom line is that most people make some sort of new year’s resolution. For owners of life safety contracting companies and managers of facility departments,  their 2021 business new years resolutions should include streamlining operations – and the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System is there to help.

Interested in getting a demo of the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System. Contact Asurio today!