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BirdDog Inspection System Answer Tree | Asurio, Inc. USA

BirdDog Inspection System Answer Tree: A Powerful Tool for More Accurate Inspections & Deficiency Resolution

When life safety contractors and in-house facility department managers want to know how to improve the accuracy and depth of inspections, they should look to the BirdDog Inspection System Answer Tree.

What Is the BirdDog Inspection System Answer Tree?

The BirdDog Inspection System Answer Tree functionality is a 3-level question structure within BirdDog inspection forms that allows inspectors to provide three levels of information about deficiencies found in the course of the inspections they conduct. By providing inspectors with three levels of information about deficiencies, the BirdDog Inspection System Answer Tree functionality makes it faster and easier to develop accurate quotes and to resolve deficiencies. Here’s an example of how BirdDog’s 3-level answer tree works:

Level 1 Answer Tree:

The inspection question says:

“Sprinkler head free of leakage, corrosion…”

The inspector chooses PASS or FAIL as an answer.

Level 2 Answer Tree:

If the inspector selects FAIL, a drop-down menu appears with a range of choices that describes the condition. The inspector chooses the condition in the drop-down menu that most accurately describes the specifics of the deficiency. At this level, inspectors can take photos of the deficiency and input a descriptive caption for the photo that explains the deficiency in more detail.

Level 3 Answer Tree:

Once the inspector has chosen a specific descriptive condition that caused the item being inspected to fail, the third level of data input appears in BirdDog.

Inspectors also can indicate WHERE the deficient device is located, and BirdDog automatically can group devices by specific issue / deficiency. This is a big help in developing an estimate for repairs and planning the time and equipment needed to actually resolve the deficiency.

BirdDog Inspection System Answer Tree Helps Generate More Detailed Inspection Reports & Faster Repair Estimates

BirdDog’s detailed deficiency report will break down the total number of corroded sprinkler heads, leaking sprinkler heads, etc., and their locations. This allows the administrative team everything they need to quickly prepare accurate estimates for repair quotes.

BirdDog offers basic quote generation capabilities. The detailed BirdDog deficiency report also allows administrators to efficiently transfer the information over to quote generation systems commonly used by life safety contractors, such as Great Plains, ProfitZoom, and more.

BirdDog Inspection System Answer Tree Facilitates More Efficient Repair Work

Once an inspection is completed using the BirdDog Inspection System, BirdDog provides a detailed deficiency report that documents all the different devices that need to be repaired or replaced.

When the repair team reviews the BirdDog Deficiency Report, they will know how many devices of specific makes and models they need to bring to the repair session. The ability to quickly scan a document and make lists of replacement items that need to be organized for the repair job streamlines the repair process.

BirdDog’s Deficiency Reports also provide logistics information that facilitate an efficient repair job. For example, the BirdDog inspection system allows inspectors to input information critical to efficient repairs. For example, if a sprinkler head that needs to be replaced is located on a high ceiling and there’s no catwalk to reach it, an inspector could plug information into the inspection report that a 14-foot ladder is needed to replace that sprinkler head.

When life safety contractors generate repair quotes quickly, they tend to pick up more repair work. And when life safety contractors show up on a repair job armed with the tools and equipment needed to get the job done right then and there. As repair jobs are finished quickly, with no delays or second trips, that repair work can be billed faster – and generate revenue faster for life safety contractors.

“The whole reason the Asurio team developed the BirdDog Inspection System Answer Tree functionality is to help life safety inspectors efficiently transition from the inspection to the service work proposal and ultimately, the resolution of the deficiencies. BirdDog’s Answer Tree is particularly helpful when inspectors need more information about questions covering multiple devices and need to record which sprinkler heads are painted over, which are corroded, and which are leaking, as well as where those devices are located within a facility. This can have a major, positive impact on service revenue as well as improving safety and reducing risk,” said Top Myers, Asurio president. “When that happens, everybody wins.”

Contact the Asurio team if you’d like a demo of the BirdDog Inspection System.