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How BirdDog’s Inspection Deficiency Photo Capture Feature Yields Benefits For Contractors, Facility Managers & Owners

When it comes to deficiency management, an inspection deficiency photo capture feature brings big benefits for life safety contractors, facility managers, property managers & property owners alike. BirdDog Life Safety Inspection & Data Collection Software provides this highly prized inspection system feature in its Deficiency Management software module.

What Is Inspection Deficiency Photo Capture?

Inspection deficiency photo capture is the process of photographing deficiencies found in the course of a life safety inspection. BirdDog offers this powerful feature, which brings many benefits to the different stakeholders involved in the process of making sure buildings & facilities are safe.

How Does Inspection Deficiency Photo Capture Work?

Inspection Deficiency Photo Capture within the BirdDog Inspection System is fast and easy to deploy. When an inspector selects “Fail” on a Primary Answer within the inspection form, the “Fail” designation triggers a Secondary Answer that allows the inspector to provide more information on the deficiency. Examples include: Sprinklers – Corroded; Pipe/Fittings – Mechanical Damage; Sprinkler Head – Painted…and more. Inspectors also may supply their own response, as well as selecting or editing one of the supplied responses to describe a deficiency. In some cases, a third level will appear for inspectors to provide more information.

Once a deficiency has been noted, inspectors simply select the CHOOSE FILE button under the ADD PHOTO section. This allows inspectors to select photo files that already have been taken or go directly to the tablet’s camera to take a photo of the deficiency. Inspectors then select the file (the photo) and select OPEN. The photo is then added to the inspection. Multiple photos may be added to the inspection by following this process.

Benefits of The Inspection Deficiency Photo Capture Feature

Thee BirdDog Life Safety Inspection & Data Collection System offers the capability of capturing photos of deficiencies. This functionality brings many benefits, some of which don’t always occur to BirdDog users. Here are highlights of the benefits of being able to photograph deficiencies and attach them into an inspection or deficiency report.

Proof That A Deficiency Actually Exists – BirdDog’s ability to attach photos to inspection reports and/or specific deficiency reports provides property managers & property owners with peace of mind that the deficiency actually exists.

More Accurate Repair Quotes – Photos of deficiencies provide insights into the scope and cost of deficiency repairs. By providing the capability of attaching deficiency photos to inspection or deficiency reports, the BirdDog Inspection System helps ensure that deficiency repair quotes are more accurate.

Better Prioritization of Deficiency Repairs – A deficiency description scrawled in handwriting does not convey which deficiencies are high-priority that way a photo does. When life safety contractors are reviewing photos, it provides perspective on the severity of problems found in inspections – and helps contractors better prioritize which deficiencies need to be resolved first.

Helpful Information For Insurance Claims – In the event that an insurance claim needs to be filed, deficiency photos provide valuable visual information for insurance claim adjusters.

Necessary Information For Litigation – When litigation occurs, photos help clarify scenarios and potentially speed the process of working through legal action.

The BirdDog Inspection System’s ability to provide on-site, real-time photos of deficiencies found in inspections speeds the deficiency resolution process; provides confidence for property owners & managers that repair costs are legitimate & money well spent; and assists in insurance claims and legal disputes.

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