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How To Improve Inspection Deficiency Management | BirdDog Inspection Software

How BirdDog Life Safety Inspection Software Helps Improve Inspection Deficiency Management

When life safety contractors are offered information on how to improve inspection deficiency management, they jump at the chance. When systems, software, and procedures are put in place to improve deficiency management, it saves lives and property, along with a whole host of benefits. The BirdDog Life Safety Inspection Systems powerful Deficiency Management Module provides life safety contractors with a powerful tool to find & resolve deficiencies faster.

How The BirdDog Inspection System Helps Improve Inspection Deficiency Management

It’s common knowledge that the longer a deficiency found in an inspection goes unresolved, the higher the chance that the deficiency will not be resolved at all.

Inspection software like the BirdDog Inspection System provide life safety contractors & in-house facility management departments an opportunity to streamline the deficiency management process and resolve more deficiencies faster. Here’s a look at how:

Step 1: Deficiency Identification & Logging – As inspectors go through the process of inspecting a facility, BirdDog automatically logs items that failed inspection and funnels that information into the Deficiency Management module.

Step 2: Deficiency Photo Upload – When inspectors find deficiencies such as a corroded, leaky pipe or sprinkler head that’s been painted, they can take a photo and attach it to the inspection information. Photos of deficiencies also are routed into the Deficiency Management module.

Step 3: Repair Urgency Designations – BirdDog also allows inspectors to document the severity of the deficiency so the most critical deficiencies can be prioritized & resolved first. Repair Urgency designations include: Critical, High, Medium & Low.

Step 4: Manpower & Equipment Required for Repairs – BirdDog also allows field inspectors to make note of the manpower needed for a specific repair job as well as special equipment that would be needed for the repair, such as an extra-tall ladder.

Step 5: Proposal / Quote Generation – Once the deficiencies and repair requirements have been logged, BirdDog can be used to generate a repair quote – or the deficiency information can be ported into a contractor’s or facility department’s preferred quoting tool.

Step 6: “Clean” Report Generation – After a deficiency has been resolved, BirdDog also allows for the creation of a new “clean” inspection report that provides time-stamped documentation that deficiencies have been resolved.

BirdDog’s Deficiency Management Tool Improves Compliance & Safety

Automated deficiency management helps increase the number of inspection deficiencies that are resolved, as well as the speed at which deficiencies are resolved. When inspection deficiencies are resolved in a timely manner, it brings a whole host of benefits for contractors, in-house facility departments, and property owners / managers, including:

  • Improved compliance with national, regional & local safety requirements
  • Improved safety & protection of lives and property
  • Reduced risk & liability
  • More services revenue for life-safety contractors

“When life safety contractors and in-house facility departments make use of BirdDog’s automated deficiency management capabilities, it helps ensure that deficiencies are resolved quickly, efficiently & cost-effectively,” said Jack Coffelt, Asurio General Manager. “When this happens, everybody wins.”

Interested in learning how the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System helps improve inspection deficiency management? Contact Asurio for a DEMO today.