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Free Inspection Form Upgrades | BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System | Asurio, Inc.

Free Inspection Form Upgrades Available for BirdDog Inspection System Users

As new inspection forms come on line, life safety contractors and in-house facility managers who use the BirdDog Inspection System will find it helpful that there’s no charge to migrate to a different edition of their inspection form.

For example, the NFPA 25 inspection form has multiple editions, including 2010, 2014, 2017, 2019, and 2020. BirdDog users are allotted 3 inspection forms with the initial purchase of the BirdDog system. They also can purchase additional forms or commission the creation of a custom inspection form.

However, as new inspection form versions come on line, life safety contractors and in-house facility managers may find that they must upgrade to the new standard. When this is the case, they can ask the Asurio team for inspection form upgrades, which are available at no extra charge.

How Does Asurio Handle Inspection Form Upgrades?

The process of migrating to a newer edition of an inspection form is fast and easy. A life safety contractor or in-house facility management department simply contacts Asurio’s sales department about their need for inspection form upgrades. The Asurio Forms Department team will set up an inspection form conversion. Then, all the BirdDog user has to do is dispatch a job using their normal process, and the inspection form automatically will convert to the newer edition.

Why Do Life Safety Contractors & In-house Facility Management Departments Need Inspection Form Upgrades?

Contractors and in-house facility management groups typically need to upgrade their inspection form when the state in which they’re operating approves the use of a new edition of an inspection form, or when other standards or regulations require the use of a certain edition of an inspection form. When BirdDog users need to upgrade one of their inspection forms to a newer version, there is no charge for this.

Asurio’s Experienced Forms Department Oversees Inspection Forms Upgrades & Updates

Asurio is unique in that it’s one of the few inspection system companies that has a dedicated Inspection Forms department. Asurio’s inspection form team members handle form upgrades, purchases of new forms, and the development of custom inspection forms. This Asurio department also is in charge of reviewing annual code changes and ensuring that Asurio’s inspection forms are up to date.

Asurio Offers An Extensive Library of Inspection Forms

In addition to standard NFPA 10, 25 & 72 inspection forms, Asurio offers a whole host of inspection forms that are ready to be deployed. Examples include:

  • Air Sampling Detector Test – NFPA 72 & Mfr. Recommendations
  • CA Title 19 Sprinkler Inspection 2013 (All Reports)
  • Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing System Inspection – NFPA 12 and NFPA 72
  • Clean Agent Extinguishing System – NFPA 2001 and NFPA 72
  • Contractors Material & Test Certificate – Aboveground Piping – NFPA 13
  • Emergency Exit Lighting and Signs – NFPA 101
  • Fire Alarm and Emergency Communication Record of Completion – NFPA 72
  • Fire Pump Graph – NFPA 25
  • First Aid Kit Inspection
  • NFPA 1221 Emergency Services Communication System
  • NFPA 12A Halon 1301 Systems
  • NFPA 731 – Electronic Premise Security
  • NFPA 80 – Fire Door and Window
  • NFPA 90A Air Conditioning and Ventilation…and more!

Asurio Also Offers Regional Inspection Forms

Asurio also offers regional inspection forms that help provide compliance with a variety of city-specific and state-specific inspections. Examples includes:

  • NY State Backflow Prevent Report Form
  • Philadelphia Annual Special Hazard Form
  • Seattle Fire Pump Inspection Form
  • Burbank California Fire Sprinkler Form…and more.

Asurio’s BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System offers one of the most extensive libraries of inspection forms on the market today. BirdDog users can upgrade their current inspection form to a new edition of that form at no charge, as well as purchase additional inspection forms for reasonable one-time fees.

Need to upgrade an inspection form, or purchase additional inspection forms? Contact Asurio today!